Meet the Dartmoor Flower Shed!

Gnarled hands, cracked thumbs and a crinkly smile reveal how much of my life I have spent tilling the soil. Toiling in all weathers, digging, weeding and planting might sound arduous, but for those of us who love gardening it is a short cut to serenity and bliss. It starts as I pull on my wellington … Continue reading

Fabulous; it’s Friday!

I bought my first Tussie-Mussie from the quaint shop which sells herbs and plants at the American Museum in Bath. The only Museum of American Decorative and Folk Art outside the United States, this is a very special place full of treasures and artefacts and somewhere that I visit as often as I can. I … Continue reading

Christmas in England…..

SOOTHED by the stillness of frosty, sun-sparkly days in-between the magic of Christmas and the excitement of a new year, these deep blue Hyacinths, the colour of sky and sea, make me yearn for Spring.    

What is the Colour of Love?

 With sweet, pale, hand painted daisies (“he loves me, he loves me not”) scattered on fragile vintage glass and roses with a blood-red hue evoking the passion of Carmen….I wonder…..what is the colour of love?

Petal Power…….

 Gather some blooms with a mille-feuille of fragrant petals, let the flowers tumble into a vintage jug or two- then settle back and let the flowers do the talking…