2014; “The Best of Times, the Worst of Times”

The warm Spring air of 2014 was scented with the fragrance of Gillyflowers, Sweet Rocket and Narcissus, and the garden bloomed, rested, then bloomed again with blood red, Summer, Flanders Poppies, rainbow coloured Zinnias and cobalt blue Cornflowers. But by the time the Autumn Rudbeckia were in flower and my cherry red sandals were quite … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Ossie….

With his sweet, gentle, loving nature and fur softer than the most luxurious silk- velvet, my cat Ossie and I made a soul connection. Together with his brother Josef, we all cuddled our way through good times and bad; through my divorce and a period where I could not walk  due to a broken foot. … Continue reading

Armed Combat in the Greenhouse….

 The sky is the colour of pale blue Cornflowers and the day feels full of promise as I push open the greenhouse door to let in the sweet morning air. I see it straight away, something which should not be there; a white envelope with my initial on it, a big “K”, for Karen. This … Continue reading