10 thoughts on “A little bowl of soup; a whole lot of Love…

    • I make gallons and gallons of soup from my vegetables and it is so warming. I can never understand people buying it when it is so easy to make. Thanks so much for liking the photo and stay cosy 🙂

  1. That looks delicious, such a lovely colour. I have a selection of veggies roasting in the Rayburn so yummy soup for our lunch today! Xxx

  2. wonderful photo which looks very inviting. Love the way you make the photo look cozy with the little things in the background and the delicious self-made soup in a beautiful bowl. Regards Mitza

  3. Love the Lord your God with ALL YOUR heart, with All your soul, with ALL your mind, with ALL your strength.

    Now that’s complete abandon! Shall we make soup? “)

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