Candied Flowers for Easter….

Happiest when I am about to tackle a new challenge and happier still if the job involves flowers, I set off into the frozen wastes of the Cottage Garden to see what I can pick. This wasteland of dried stems with the odd pernicious and very hardy weed is hardly an oasis of verdant growth … Continue reading

Some Elderflower Fizz on Fabulous Friday……..

 “Get in touch with your inner hippy”  The hedgerows in Devon are full of the scent of Elderflower blooms, those magical mille fiori blossoms which speak of Summer and blue skies. Time to make Elderflower Champagne! It’s easy to make and requires just a few simple ingredients. Go on; get in touch with your inner … Continue reading

Flanders Poppies die where they fall….

Sturdy, stocky and weather hardened; Farmer Crocker gives me a wave as I pass his Farm gate. Plump and rosy hued heathers bloom where he stands and a thought crosses my mind- do we become to look like our plants in the way that we become to look like our animals? Farmers in my village whose … Continue reading

Cottage Garden Sweet Rocket & Daisies…

  It’s May; the month of reckless, exuberant blooming and the time when the air is full of the scent of Sweet Rocket blossom and of so many green things growing. My wildlife friendly Cottage Garden with its meandering paths, relaxed planting and imperfect lawns where chemicals can not be used, suddenly bursts into a … Continue reading