Welcome to my world of growing, sewing and crafts. I live on the edge of Dartmoor where the weather is often harsh and where the winds are destructive, but over the years I have carved out a series of garden ‘rooms’ around my home where my flowers are protected and where the Cornflowers, Snapdragons and Wallflowers bloom.

I sell some of these flowers from a little blue shed at my gate. But simply growing the flowers is not enough, for I also love to paint and sew flowers too.

A whole, happy life is never just about one thing, but if there is one thing which brings happiness its scattering a few seeds into the warm earth and watching those seedlings grow. Please know that you are so welcome to share my virtual meanderings through the Cottage Garden and into my Meadow where I sometimes sew. Happiness for me comes from sharing and it is a privilege to share my little creative journey with you.

Karen x







36 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • SO glad you like it. I do not do it for the feedback, but….it is so nice to earn and read of how much you like the photos. I am not sure what you mean by ‘show’ ? Do you mean exhibit? Or have a show? Karen.

      • I’m sorry…I spend most of my time with family,they know what I’m trying to say without me having to be specific. 🙂 I only meant– do you photograph your gardens & your neighborhood/city/village/town ever? Your photography is amazing & I would love to see England through your eyes…a bit demanding, sorry. I meant it as a compliment. ~amy

  1. Karen! I miss you! I’ve not heard from you in days & days. Are you on vacation or did i offend you with the last conversation? Please forgive me if i did so. We agree on far more things then we don’t. I miss our ‘conversations’. ~amy

  2. Oh thank you so much for missing me! Of course you have not offended me, how could you? That would be like falling out with myself! Lots of things are happening and changing, but I am getting back into a routine again now. I have sent you a little email with news!
    I have been given some flowers which you would LOVE! They are one of your favourites- Ranunculus. Oh Amy, they are soft pink and green and are variegated! I know you would be as happy about them as I am if you could see them. I have taken some photos and will be posting them soon.
    Thank heavens for flowers!
    I will be checking out what you have been up to on your blog. I know it will be exciting!- Karen

  3. You are truly an artist:-) amazing and inspiring:-) I am so glad I found your blog. You can teach me a lot about making some beautiful food from what I grow:-) I look forward to learning some new recipes!

    • Thank you so much Robbie, you are so lovely!
      I think what we all need is more time. By the time I have finished in the garden I sometimes do not have the energy to even pick a lettuce! I am off now to feed my pumpkins!

      • Oh my…only a gardener would understand that comment about being tired:-) I have said to my husband often..’.It is a full-time job growing food’ for if you forget to do something EVEN for one day you may miss the best time to harvest and it is gone till next season….everyone is needed to help:-)…..off to pick berries + collect basil for pesto before the heat of 90’s makes it impossible to work out there….have to work very early to get it done in this heat:-) I have such admiration for those in the past that grew and put up ALL their food!

    • Oh thank you. Yes, the recipe for the cake is so easy! It is from a post which I wrote in 2013. It is time that I created some archives instead of having one long chain of posts.
      The recipe is gorgeous, but it is seasonal and uses pumpkin. Do you use pumpkin at all in your cooking? The tin I cook the cake in is great- it is like a great big pumpkin! x x

      • Hi Karen, yes we do use pumpkin, but not in cakes, mostly in bread or in a fantastic pumpkin soup which I will cook tomorrow. Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

  4. Karen, you have such a sense of style, and style that does not seem to cost the earth. Would you consider doing a short blog series on the elements of your style? And if not, would you consider letting me do a blog post about you and your garden/home/style?

    • Oh Cynthia, what a lovely thing to say! It is true that I have to work to a budget and have decorated my house with flea market finds and a lot of creativity. I think it’s a lovely idea and thank you so much for thinking of me. It sounds a lot of fun! I will start by pulling together some ideas. Perhaps I could email you in a week or so? Then you can decide how we progress. I no longer have your email address though…..long story 🙃

    • Dear Cynthia, please accept my most sincere apologies for not following through with your request. It is a wet day today which means the many garden jobs can not be done, so I intend to write on my blog and maybe from my post you will see why I have been so busy. Also, my email address has changed, so I am wondering if that is why I have not heard from you. I must change that on my blog. I do hope you are ok and please forgive me once again. Love Karen x

  5. I don’t know how I lost contact with you. I have been missing your sweet , wonderful and warm offerings of creativity and elegant hospitality! I searched your site and couldn’t find a link to follow you but I will keep trying because I know I am better off for breathing in the clean, fresh air of your home!


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