The Living Larder

18 thoughts on “The Living Larder

  1. Um, Karen…this is prize worthy photography. It looks as though it comes out of magazines. I am going to post this on my blog, its too fabulous to share! ~amy

    • Oh thank you so much Amy. Your photographs are SO professional and make any compliment coming from you very special indeed. The blog is a real lifeline for me at the moment, but it is slow to build and to attract followers, so any help from a blog as fabulous as yours is truly appreciated. Karen.

      • Karen, I want to reblog your beautiful photography, because it is SO professional! On my blog, there is the ‘like, follow & reblog’ choices, your blog doesn’t offer the chance to reblog anything. I am no expert…my daughter, when she was 10 years old, showed me how to blog, so I can’t tell you why your blog doesn’t offer that reblog choice 😦 I did post you on my Facebook that you are an amazing photographer & cook.
        To get more views, you must go to your reader & put in the “enter a Tag” section…gardening, photography, cooking & find bloggers like your own. When you find the ones you like, you follow them & like their posts. Usually bloggers will see you as new & come check out your blog in return & follow. It is work to find others with your passion. I go almost everyday to my reader–to photography & like/read the posts that catch my attention. Everyday there is a new blogger for me to follow…that is how you get your traffic. It is also how you can meet/see other people from all over the world sharing the same passions you have. Makes the world a bit smaller & happier. My blog is a lifeline for me as well–due to my pelvis. Being trapped by my physical limitations, my blog is a way for me to travel the earth from the comfort (as good as it can be) of home. Thank you so much for your wonderful, compliment & for becoming a modern pen pal from across the ocean. 🙂 ~amy

    • Thank you so much……..I wonder why you could not ‘reblog’, because I have seen you do that before. I think you did that with the Vermont snowflakes? (They were totally magical). I will have to look into why you could not do it……K

    • I think they taste better than the green varieties. I think these have an amazing taste, but then I pick them when they are really small. The larger ones I make into soup and serve it with sauted chorizo sausage and croutons.I grow red cauliflower too, the pleasure they bring to the kitchen garden and to me is priceless.
      Thank you so much for your comment.

      • If I could, I would only eat what comes out of my garden. Love and care makes any food taste better, on top of the clean soil, lacking all sort of chemicals!

    • Dear Sophie, please forgive me for taking so long to reply to your wonderful comment. I am so pleased to meet a new friend who also loves gardening. It is a whole way of life isn’t it ? There is no doubt that it is hard work, but knowing that what we grow and eat has been grown without chemicals means so much. And there is real joy in what we do. Karen x

  2. Your blog is so inspiring. Love the Living Larder concept. I’m working on my garden plan, and envy your milder climate that allows leaving veggies in the garden over the winter months. I don’t think even with a protective tunnel it will work here. But, I am working on creating a storage larder in the basement. Keep writing. We need you!

    • Oh Carolee! You are so kind! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I am off to visit your blog now and check out where you are. It is true that the Living Larder idea only works where the climate is relatively mild, but many of my vintage gardening books give details of clamps or places under the earth which are protected by straw where veg may be stored during the winter. have you got any such old books? I will search mine out tomorrow and read up. Carolee needs her Living Larder!😀

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