12 thoughts on “The Kitchen Garden in Summer

  1. Karen, this is beautiful. What a celebration of life and growth and as Tolkien would say, “Good tilled earth”. There are so many corners of the blogosphere where wonderful people and doing fabulous things, that there is just no way we can visit them all. But I’m glad I found this corner. I’m glad you have been persistent here, making your stand, and more over that I’ve taken the time to come visit your garden, and witness some of the contagious joy to be found here. It is not just vegetables that you are nurturing here. You are a cultivator of happiness! And I proudly follow this blog!

    I am also a budding gardener. In truth I stink at it, but I love to try. I have a little grill-side plot in which I pluck the occasional green onion or bean, and I gleam great pleasure in doing so, and watching it mature through in the summer and the golden shafts of sun.

    Anyways, and to the point, I like what you do here!

    Cheers and blessings to you and yours,


    • More familiar with bestowing praise than receiving it, I was bowled over by your comments and praise. Your message has been followed by what I can only describe as a landslide of ‘likes’ triggered by another blogger reblogging my own and sharing it with like- minded friends. And all of this, just after vowing that my blog was not worth doing because it was getting such little attention. I know that is negative thinking and of course we do not create blogs for the attention they get alone, but…..on the other hand if no one reads them, it does seem to feel a little pointless. This shift came just at the right moment. POTP has a unique voice and vibe, I am feel so honoured to count you as ‘following’ me and thank you for taking the time to visit and write in such a complimentary manner. With every good wish, Karen.
      P.S Please look out for my next post which will be a thank you to you and all who have shared an interest in sweetbabyveg.

  2. I love your garden. You must have worked for years to achieve such a beautiful work of art. I hadn’t had time to go through all of blog before. I have really enjoyed discovering what that I will find next. We have a long way to go before we achieve anything close to this. You have given me inspiration. Gardening takes such patience and love. I see that we are kindered spirits. I feel like I stepped into a secret garden.

  3. Thank you so much Honey. My garden is really a series of little outdoor ‘rooms’. This is because the main garden near the house has a granite wall all around it and I then built new gardens with rabbit proof fences outside that wall. (I hope that made sense). My garden is not really considered to be very successful by some because it lacks formality and it is often untidy and weedy. I live alone and I just can not keep on top of it at times. But I love the cottage garden feel and the joy it brings to my heart. The pictures of your garden showed your passion too. You are making something really special and the abundance of your crops stands testament to the time and love you have poured into it. I, for one, feel privileged that I will be able to share in its fabulous growth.-Karen.

  4. Lovely garden… I don’t have much space for one here and the heat usually kills it all. Dirt is not better. What are the cakes in one of the last pics… Looks colorful and yummy… Love, Lor

    • Ah……they are not cakes actually, they are slices of nasturtium butter. I make it and freeze it and serve it on pasta or grilled chicken. I am so glad you like it!- Karen.

  5. Your space is beautiful:-) love all the photos:-) I just love the way you put it all together, it looks so inviting! How could anyone NOT want to grow veggies, if they looked at your photos! Love all the color! My favorite:-)

    • Thank you so much Lucy for your interest and enthusiasm for my garden. It takes many years to create and understand a garden and only a few weeks for it to become overgrown and chaotic! Gardening is so good for the soul and the love of it helps to connect me with lovely people all over the world. Thank you for becoming a new blogging friend.

      • My pleasure, really. I can see how much work and heart you put into it. I know how easily a garden can become overgrown. I’m also trying to clean a garden right now, so this made me appreciate even more all your dedication. Keep up the good work! Looks fantastic 🙂

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