Sweet Pickles….

My best friend Janet and I walked together for miles as children; we walked to buy fireworks and sparklers in November and in the Summer we would make the long walk over the allotments to creep up and listen to the homing pigeons coo-cooing in their lofts. Janet’s Dad was the Winder at the Pit … Continue reading

Sweet Rewards for sweetbabyveg….

My sweetbabyveg blog is just 27 days old and it has been nominated for a Liebster Award! I would like to thank The Belmont Rooster for nominating me for this FABULOUS award which was created to recognise the achievements of the newest bloggers on the block. I have got my tiara down from the attic … Continue reading

Grab those shades……

It’s July 2013; a hot day. So hot that the tarmac is sticky on the road. And I am instantly transported back to childhood; to my walk to school, picking wild flowers and pushing my face into hedgerows to look for nests so that I might glimpse a bird’s egg. Back in the  present, I … Continue reading

sweetbabyveg Cauliflower…….

I checked out my brassica cage today and look what I found! The colours of the curds of these baby ‘Graffiti’, ‘Trevi’, and ‘Snowball’ Cauliflower are eye-popping and bright. Finding them made me so happy and I really hope that they make you smile too.

Carrot Perfume…….

The satisfying sound of acorns crunching under foot jump-starts my senses as I pull on my sou’wester and head off down the garden path to pick carrots. Sensory deprivation is a big issue for me in the dormant months of the gardening year and what helps me through this is keeping my Winter root vegetable … Continue reading