Sweet, Scented Nostalgia…….

The afternoon is warm and still and the pink petals of the flowering cherry blossom drift silently and slowly down onto the flower beds beneath as if the thick, sultry air is just too tired to stir. In this atmosphere, the scent of the Gillyflowers rises and stays, and I breathe in its heady perfume as … Continue reading

A Visit from the Easter Bunny…..

Snuggled peacefully beneath the shade of these Spring Hellebores, this sweet and gentle Bunny has seen many Easter celebrations come and go. Made in 1920-1939, by Denby Ware in a most comforting shade of pastel green and now with one magnificent ear showing signs of a tumble, he brings a sense of calm to this … Continue reading

The Seeds of Friendship…….

 “The Seeds of Friendship or discovering how the joy of gardening can grow from a gift of just a few packets of seeds.”    sweetbabyveg      Fat, pink blossom buds hang heavy over my bowed head as I kneel on the ground to till a new little patch of earth. I smooth the soil … Continue reading

Sweet, Restful Sleep……

Nestled amongst cosy blankets and quilts, his thick fur tousled and a little unkempt, my sweet cat Ossie enjoys a sleep after a period of illness where he has lost a kilo in weight.  He has trouble breathing and has lost his sense of smell, so he can no longer recognise food and was refusing … Continue reading

Fabulous; it’s Friday!

  These tiny Brussels Sprouts seem to grow out of the painted leaves in this soft and serene still-life. This accidental pastiche takes this scene from flat to spatial and gives a most humble nod to the fabulous transformational work of- Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) http://www.mcescher.com/about/ HAPPY WEEKEND!