I Went Missing (but I was only in the Garden).


I have been away from my blog for so long now that I have no idea if any of the friends I made through it will even remember me. And I don’t have a great excuse for my absence. I haven’t met a millionaire and been travelling around the world on his luxury yacht, or been head hunted to run a business where I was the ONLY person they wanted for the job. No, I have simply been growing and selling flowers.

Flower Farming is not for the faint hearted. It involves long hours (up at 5 am every morning to pick during the flowering season) and each long day ending in hours of watering. But I LOVE it! Flowers are my life and I really struggle in the Winter months without them. So in these dreary, dark times, I sew and craft.

Here are just some of the things I have made recently……..

Version 2

Version 2

Version 2

In the highly unlikely event that anyone reads this, I am running workshops in my Studio now to teach others how to make some of the crafts featured in these photos. All the information about the first few are on my Workshops page here on my website.

I have long been resisting the siren- call of my creativity. But the call is getting louder and I think it will soon be time to start painting again.

I am so looking forward to seeing if anyone remembers me and to making new friends.

Karen x

20 thoughts on “I Went Missing (but I was only in the Garden).

  1. Aha, there you are Karen!.. Good to see your post come up today. Glad that you’ve been busy with the flowers in your beautiful garden and with the wonderful crafting. Hope to see you at one of my 22 garden events this year… Keep your eyes open for this year’s brochures up at the farm shop in March. Sending our best wishes to you from all at St Luke’s…
    Wayne : )

    • Hello Wayne, How wonderful to hear from you! I will make sure that I have your brochure and hope to catch up with you again soon. You work so hard to create so many fabulous garden events. And they are always so much fun. Take Care, Karen πŸ™‚

  2. I definitely remember you Karen, and have wondered what you have been up to! It’s nice to know you have been gardening and making beautifully crafted works. My profile picture has changed slightly (in case it seems unfamiliar.)

    • Hello! Thank you for your message. The Cherry Blossom is created with little Gutterman flower sequins. So the branches are embroidered. I have to confess that Instagram has been where I have put most of my photos for the past year; it’s very addictive!

  3. Oh, oh, oh… beautiful flowers and beautiful creations. I especially love those pansies. We haven’t been down in your direction since we last visited, but I will let you know if we are likely to be passing in the future. I’ve missed your blog posts and hearing about your amazing garden.

    • How lovely to hear from you! I am really going to try hard to keep up with my blog this time. It is such a lovely record of my gardening adventures here that it would be a shame to give it up. Hope you are both well.

  4. How lovely to read your post! As before, most delightful! You must be telepathic, as last week I asked Jo Gilbert if she’d heard from you! I will enjoy following your new adventures – tell us more!!
    Karen de Glanville xx

    • Hello Karen, how lovely to hear from you! Now that the Spring is hopefully on its way perhaps we will all come out of hiding. I have started sowing seeds, so that is very exciting! I hope that you and your family are well. xx

  5. Sweet Karen! You can’t begin to imagine how I missed you! I have found your sharing from your life and garden and the sweet connections you have made in your community a breath of fresh air and a tonic to my soul! I have prayed for you often in your absence and I’m so happy for you in this next chapter of your life! Welcome back! jan

    • Thank you so much Jan. I have missed you too, and you have a beautiful daughter who I remember too. Thank you so much for your prayers, that means so much. I do hope that you have been well and that you have finished all the renovations to your summer home.
      Karen x

      • I think renovations is God’s 24hr fitness club for us! Together we accomplish fantastic things but we are 99% do-it-yourselfers and being in only 1place and 1 project at a time spreads out the time it take to be “done”. Add to that we have jumped in to our kids’ renovations in Colorado so they can sell their home and move back to us! We’re so excited about this project because they will be close! What an awesome gift!!!

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