Purple Haze, Pig’s Snout, Money Meadow…

Evocative, romantic and poetic, the amazing diversity of named varieties in the Kitchen Garden, Orchard and Landscape, bring life and colour to our world and make our locality unique. In Devon and Cornwall apples such as: Cornish Gilliflower, Pig’s Nose, Snell’s Glass Apple and Queenie are all special varieties which suit our mild wet climate. … Continue reading

My Gardening Guru….

Inspirational, solitary and inscrutably silent (apart from the occasional sigh or purr) my cat Otto is the perfect gardening companion. He oversees all yet questions nothing and his soothing presence amplifies and intensifies the comfort and pleasure of every gardening task I undertake. Equally at ease striking a perfect pose on the summerhouse roof, or … Continue reading

Big, Beautiful, Blowsy Brussels Sprouts….

A quiet February day in the Kitchen Garden gets supercharged with colour when I pick the ‘Red Ball’ Brussels Sprouts. Their vibrant, passionate shades from ‘Opera Rose’ to ‘Winsor Violet’ evoke warm Mediterranean days. Just soak up that life and intensity for a moment or two…..it feels so good.

Beetroot, Borshch and Babushka……

Rooting around in a dark and dusty corner of the attic I re-discover my ever- happy, sweet faced Russian matryoshka doll; a memento from a pre-glasnost trip to Leningrad. One thing leads to another, a shot of iced vodka here, a few blini there and before you know it I am calling my friends ‘comrade’ … Continue reading