Flowers; sent with Love…

  In Hanakotoba (花言葉), the Japanese form of the language of flowers, the Anemone represents Sincerity and Pinks…….LOVE!  HAPPY MOTHERING SUNDAY!  

The Tomato Dream…….

  I wake up early from a dream where I have grown some lovely, fat, red, ‘Marmande’ tomatoes. I know it’s a dream because I can’t grow them on Dartmoor. But this quirky tomato induced fantasy has left me with a yearning for all things colourful.  As I toss seed packets and brochures off the … Continue reading

Flower Power…

Pansies in shades of moody violet and mauve overhang the terracotta edging of my garden path as I stoop down to pick their gentle, floppy heads and place them in a container. I scatter water droplets on their friendly, fragrant faces, the way my mother taught me to do to keep flowers like violets fresh … Continue reading

Fabulous; it’s Friday

The breath-taking beauty of a floating, flower- strewn pool, swirling with candy-coloured spring blooms. Flowers fit for Ophelia, for drowsy bees and as a little gift to all my friends as I wish you all a GREAT WEEKEND!

World Peace and a new Tiara, or…Frogspawn?

There are things a girl really wants (world peace and a sparkly new tiara spring to mind).  But nothing could bring me more HAPPINESS than discovering that, for the first time and  in my messy, weed strewn, choked up with old leaves and shamefully neglected pond, I have………FROGSPAWN!  

Fabulous; it’s Friday

Let’s have some fun every week on Fabulous Friday and get together to celebrate something seasonal and special. This week, a chic, new, bijou residence with flowers around the door and a view over Dartmoor tells me that spring is just around the corner! Happy Weekend!

‘ Take a Chance on Me’…..

I am back in the garden, turning the soil, getting close to the silty, stony, heavy, wet scent of the water-logged soil after months of rain. And the sky clears and the warmth of the sun tries to ease my straining back as I try to turn ground which really would be better left alone. … Continue reading

Just Like a Squirrel…

 Just like a squirrel that wakes up to gigantic pile of cobnuts, I find myself with an unexpected bounty of positive messages on and I am full of wonderment at this unexpected good fortune. Just as the squirrel would move each single nut with loving care to a safe hiding place, I too have … Continue reading