Just Like a Squirrel…

 Just like a squirrel that wakes up to gigantic pile of cobnuts, I find myself with an unexpected bounty of positive messages on sweetbabyveg.com and I am full of wonderment at this unexpected good fortune.

Just as the squirrel would move each single nut with loving care to a safe hiding place, I too have taken every carefully crafted fragment of praise and recognition to my store.

This is food for the future, for the beginning of a fabulous new world where light falling on the fern-like fronds of a carrot, or on the dazzling colour of summer Cornflowers and Calendula  creates a connection between people all over the world. A place where a bad day can be turned around  by sharing in another’s passion for cooking with fire (patronsofthepit.wordpress.com), or where visiting the world as seen through the eyes of a fabulously talented photographer, and creative free-spirit, (2me4art.com)  can  change the way we see and feel, in a heartbeat.

Thank you for all the connections we are making as we reach out to express our individuality and creativity and for all your ‘likes’ and comments.

I have squirreled them all way, for they are my treasure.

I do not know who created the sweet photograph of the squirrel, but whoever you are and wherever you are, I would like to say a big THANK YOU.

8 thoughts on “Just Like a Squirrel…

  1. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. Suddenly, my community got so much bigger! It is SO GOOD to be connected to the world in this way.

  2. I can’t stop looking at that squirrel! Ha! Your blog has such a nice warmth and sincerity to it–it’s a pleasure just to come here and hang out. And seeing photos of pretty flowers helps me get beyond the bitterly cold weather we’re having in New York right now!

  3. Maybe the squirrel is a New Yorker?! She is certainly dressed for a little shopping! I am so glad you like it. Like you, I feel bereft of colour and life in the garden. But bulbs are coming up and seeds germinating in the propagator. I think you suffer greatly from snow and cold where you are. And yet what we get is rain, rain and more rain (with an occasional flurry of snow).

    • I am so glad you like the photo.I think that squirrel would be very at home shopping in Paris! Actually, so would I…….I can not believe that I have to confess that I have never been. Karen.

  4. Thanks so much Amy, your compliments mean a lot The background is the back of a 1940’s knitting needle case. And the fabric is divine…like a wishy-washy watercolour. I was a watercolourist for many years and painted lots of carrots and strings of garlic. Another life……..but I am thinking of painting again.-Karen.

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