My Gardening Guru….

Inspirational, solitary and inscrutably silent (apart from the occasional sigh or purr) my cat Otto is the perfect gardening companion.

He oversees all yet questions nothing and his soothing presence amplifies and intensifies the comfort and pleasure of every gardening task I undertake.

Equally at ease striking a perfect pose on the summerhouse roof, or playfully rolling upon freshly germinated seed, his presence is of inestimable value to all my horticultural pursuits. Therefore, I have no hesitation in elevating him to the exalted position of Gardening Guru.

10 thoughts on “My Gardening Guru….

  1. I LOVE your observation about Otto, the Gardening Guru and his ‘Stunning tuxedo’. That is so sweet and funny. But Amy, you have no idea what your reblogging has acheived for sweetbabyveg! The interest has rocketed! And only yesterday I was thinking that the reaction to it was so little that I was thinking of giving it up. When I came home today and checked my stats and emails, I thought there must be a mistake. Thank you so much… have given me such a boost and you and all your amazing followers have spread some real love around.-Karen.

  2. That Otto is a good-looking fellow! One of my cats always shows up when I’m weeding and insists on some attention–I wonder if he thinks I’m petting the ground when I weed?!

    • Thank you on behalf of Otto and myself! I took Otto in as a stray and he has been so poorly (which is perhaps why his previous owners gave up on him). He has a bad heart and has just had his thyroid removed. I wanted more than anything for him to walk in my garden again and he has made it through. I am glad that you too have a feline friend in the garden.-Karen

      • I have multiple feline friends, including one with a heart condition and another who just had his thyroid removed. I have a sense how much you must value Otto!

  3. It is quite a coincidence that you too have cats with similar health issues to my own.I did not realise that Hyperthyroidism can lead to a heart condition. Otto nearly died last Summer due to his heart condition and it was then that his Thyroid problem was discovered. It is incredible what the vets have done for all my cats (I have three, Otto, Ossie and Josef) and it sounds as if you too are prepared to invest much in your feline friends. I am really pleased to hear that and hope that your cats are doing well -Karen

  4. Otto is a hansome little man. I am so sorry to hear of his health issues. I hope and pray that this operation has helped to turn things around for him. Your picture collage is beautiful. Please don’t give up on blogging, because we have just met. I have just discovered your blog. I have really enjoyed our correspondence and I would really miss you. Thanks Amy for helping people to find her site.

  5. Oh I am so touched by your response and your sweet message. Thank you for your prayers for Otto. Please might you extend them to one of my other cats, Ossie, who is in hospital, very sick? I have 3 cats, all of them old now and all with health issues. I so value your correspondence Honey and would miss it as well. I so hoped that somehow the blog would lead to connections with like minded people- and here we are!-Karen.

  6. Otto and I send you a big thank you! He is a big cat with huge paws and very handsome whiskers. I now only have Josef and Otto left, because my dear Ossie died. I see that Otto got over 60 likes! I think I should post about him all the time!…..x

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