Sewing the Garden…..

Swept up and cast aside by the sparkle of Christmas and washed away by months of rain I slither and slide down the slippery path of the New Year into my waterlogged garden. Seeing all my sad and sodden potted Primulas and Cowslips, I gather them up lovingly and head for the greenhouse. Surely these … Continue reading

Dolly Dresses…

A tiny doll’s dress on a mini- mannequin is all it takes for me to recall the kind of frock which I wore as a child. In an instant I can feel the crisp, flower- printed cotton against my skin and the warm sun on my once, little girl legs. Such tender memories from so … Continue reading

Vintage Kind of Gal….

I am a vintage kind of gal with an innate love and nostalgia for all kinds of ephemera from the past. Collecting since my early teens, I am happiest in a house adorned with pre-loved items which come with a little wear and tear and a tale to tell. Today, I go on the road … Continue reading

The French Laundry…..

My lavender-scented laundry starch clouds, thickens and then just as quickly clears as I stir in the hot and then the cold water. And like a modern day alchemist, I submerge each item of vintage linen into the soft, glutinous liquid which will transform the fabric from limp, everyday Damask to sharp, crisp, glamorous linen, … Continue reading