Otto and the Ghostly, Green Pumpkins…..

Sharp, shiny and savvy and still in my tuxedo after a night patrolling the Karen B Vintage storeroom in the studio, I decide to take a nap on a blanket. To be frank, the way vintage quilts, blankets, toys and stuff keeps piling up in here, it’s sometimes hard for a big guy like me to find a place to stretch out and get some rest.

Things were getting really crowded, and then just when I thought things could not get any worse in rolls a plant stand full of ghostly, pale green pumpkins. More disruption. This is too much! Time for some sleep and a dream of my summer dacha in the greenhouse. There, snoozing on a bed of sweet meadow hay I can hear the buzz of the bees and the song of tweeting birds. (But where there are, most definitely. NO, scary, green pumpkins.)

 The variety of pumpkin I have grown is called Invincible and it is claimed that its flavour is superior to the King of squash; Crown Prince.

10 thoughts on “Otto and the Ghostly, Green Pumpkins…..

  1. Otto looks dashing in his Tuxedo. I am sure that your studio is mice free thanks to his patrols. He deserves a comfy place to sleep during the day after a hard nights work. He sounds like he likes to follow you about the house during the day. We needed Otto to run a patrol around our house because,we have caught 8 mice in my kitchen thus far in the last 2 weeks.

    I have never eaten Invincible pumpkins nor Crown Prince Squash. I guess I will have to expand my knowledge and my palate. You inspire me to experiment with new foods. They sound like something festive and delicious to eat during the upcoming holidays. Bón appetite!

    • 8 mice! That is incredible. They are all trying to come inside now for the Winter.
      Squash and Pumpkin are so easy to grow. Have you ever tried? Certain varieties are such good keepers and if I get a good crop then I can provide for myself all Winter. They are lovely roasted and fabulous in soup. Crown Prince is beautiful to look at and eat, with it’s pale grey/green skin and orange flesh. It is a real favourite of chefs who love to serve slices of it as they stack up the food on the plate. Maybe next year you can have a Pumpkin patch?

      • I have always thought pumpkins were difficult to grow and required a lot of attention. I have never even tried to grow them. I would love to try. I was in town today and one of the grocery stores were selling pumpkings for 19 kr a kilo. That is about 1£ a kilo. I have never seen them so cheap here before. Pumpkins take a lot of space too.

      • You are right about the space they need, but there are ways round that. Some people just plant them out then forget about them till harvest. I hope you try next year.

      • Hubby is not a fan of pumkin like I am. I think it would be best to buy one and try some recipes and see if I can change his mind.
        Next year I would like to try cantelope in the poly tunnel. It would be fun to see if we could grow pumkin here.

  2. Otto is a dream boat! I just want to give him a huge squeezie hug. I would also love to take a wander through your vintage storeroom in the studio – it sounds as though it is full of treasures. Your blog is so lovely. xoxoxox

    • Otto was a stray who was so ill when I took him in. He has a very bad heart and has to have 3 medicines twice a day. I love him so much, he makes my heart glad. And I hope that he is around for a very long time.
      I would love to show you the studio. I am getting ready for a 3 day Christmas fair where I will sell my treasures. Sometimes it is so hard to part with things. x x x

  3. I have 3 cats ( my middle daughter worked at a shelter-you get the picture-lol) and I never grew up with them , but now I would never NOT have a cat in my home again. Your Otto is very handsome! He looks beautiful against all your colorful treasures:-) I just love how your photos tell a story about your life + your words just make me want to jump right in your photo, sit next to Otto on the couch with a cup of herbal tea:-) If you can think of a pumpkin I can grow vertically—please let me know…those are stunning pumpkins!!!

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