Goodbye dear, Gentle Josef….

On Good Friday, Josef, my cat was in the studio, sitting in a sunbeam; he had never looked better. Yet on Easter Sunday morning, as if to remind me that nothing in life is certain, he took sick and then later died at the Veterinary Hospital in the afternoon. Josef  had needed special care since … Continue reading

Sewing the Garden…..

Swept up and cast aside by the sparkle of Christmas and washed away by months of rain I slither and slide down the slippery path of the New Year into my waterlogged garden. Seeing all my sad and sodden potted Primulas and Cowslips, I gather them up lovingly and head for the greenhouse. Surely these … Continue reading

Trying to Find the Words………

The words which once busied themselves in my heart and mind, words which jostled, bubbled up and spilled out into chatter and onto the empty page are all silent and still. I try to follow the path to the place where they are held, but I can’t remember the way, or the connection, or something. … Continue reading

Josef and the Stool….

It’s morning. Josef the cat stretches out his slim black legs to shake off sleep and then twists and twirls and pirouettes around my feet. In my small kitchen he purrs, yowls, stretches again and reaches up with his sharp claws onto the cutlery drawer until he hears his bowl being filled with food. Josef … Continue reading


My cat Ossie is very sick; so sick that the advice from my vet is that the cut-off point for a decision which I can not face is Friday. So what do Ossie and I do today? How do we watch this painful day tick away? The day which looks like being our last together. … Continue reading

Blossom in the Meadow Garden…

A neighbour drops by for the first time and exclaims, “Oh, your garden is like a series of little rooms”!  I like that idea; I like it a lot. My garden, like many others, has evolved and grown over time. A small walled garden surrounds my house and when that became full of Cottage Garden flowers, with … Continue reading