‘ Take a Chance on Me’…..

I am back in the garden, turning the soil, getting close to the silty, stony, heavy, wet scent of the water-logged soil after months of rain. And the sky clears and the warmth of the sun tries to ease my straining back as I try to turn ground which really would be better left alone.

I have been deprived of this elementally satisfying task for too long, an activity which soothes, distracts, unravels and calms my peripatetic mind. Like meeting the eyes of a loved one when in need, or being offered a drink when parched of thirst, my whole body and soul is hungry and thirsty to feel this good again. Feeling the best I can be, in my garden.

A rebel at heart and no lover of the long dark winter months or the traditional Christmas ‘Turkey and Tinsel’ festivities, I celebrated Christmas 2013 in Scandinavian style.

Breaking the mould with my home-cured gravadlax, meatballs and cloudberry dessert, close friends and I partied away with Abba and Aquavit as we slipped out of our everyday personas and into those of the glamorously gorgeous, Sven, Saga, Amund and Karen (ah….that’s my name)  it was just one very short step before we were singing ‘Dancing Queen’. A joyous time, creating new customs and dishes, some of which I have since repeated again and again.

Gravadlax is the perfect way to showcase any sweetbabyveg or beetroot pickle and it’s a great lunch dish or starter. Fabulous with Aquavit, iced vodka or a glass of  chilled Pouilly Fumé and so much nicer than the kind you buy.

Go on, “Take a chance on me”…………

For the recipes for Gravlax and Sweet Dill Mustard Sauce, please click here.

11 thoughts on “‘ Take a Chance on Me’…..

  1. That sounds delicious. You do know that like every other country each Swedish state or as we say Landskap has their own variation of cuisines for Christmas dinner. Your description of the part sounds inviting

  2. I would love to hear about some of the recipes from your Landskap. I have a few from the friends who have a home near Malmo and one particular favourite of mine uses Grot ris (I brought some back with me). Please remember that it is not easy for me to buy bear meat (ha ha)! -Karen.

  3. I love your description of being back in the garden! I think so many of us are feeling that desire to be outside, messing around in the soil! For me, it won’t happen for another 6 weeks or so, so I’ll have to garden vicariously through your posts. Your photographs are wonderful!

    • Thank you so much! I think we are very privileged to be able to derive such pleasure from such simple, natural things. The garden really is quietly, coming back to life. I can’t wait!!

  4. Stunning photography, Karen. I love how you describe how you feel when you are in your garden. It feels familiar to what I feel. Your photography is stunning. I’m re-blogging this treasure trove of yumminess. ~amy

    • If you had said to me before I started blogging that it would be possible to develop such a connection with others and that I would learn to express so much more of myself through doing it, I would not have believed it! I know from the magic you weave on your blog that you sprinkle everything with fairy dust and that incredibly, can spread to others. You have such a strong creative spirit Amy. It is your life force. Thank you so much for liking what I do.-Karen.

    • Thanks so much Amy! I have had the chance to reach out and follow such amazing people and their blogs as a result of your last reblog of my posts. My contact with you all has added such pleasure to my world and I feel valued by your response to what I write.-Karen.

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