Armed Combat in the Greenhouse….

 The sky is the colour of pale blue Cornflowers and the day feels full of promise as I push open the greenhouse door to let in the sweet morning air. I see it straight away, something which should not be there; a white envelope with my initial on it, a big “K”, for Karen. This … Continue reading

Fabulous; it’s Friday!

The sweet piquancy of this CUCUMBER AND DILL PICKLE turns smoked salmon, mackerel, trout or a simple tuna and mayonnaise sandwich into a fabulous treat! Quick and easy to make, its fresh taste is perfect for right now! Why not try it? Run the tines of a fork down the length of a washed cucumber, … Continue reading

Cottage Garden Sweet Rocket & Daisies…

  It’s May; the month of reckless, exuberant blooming and the time when the air is full of the scent of Sweet Rocket blossom and of so many green things growing. My wildlife friendly Cottage Garden with its meandering paths, relaxed planting and imperfect lawns where chemicals can not be used, suddenly bursts into a … Continue reading

Blossom in the Meadow Garden…

A neighbour drops by for the first time and exclaims, “Oh, your garden is like a series of little rooms”!  I like that idea; I like it a lot. My garden, like many others, has evolved and grown over time. A small walled garden surrounds my house and when that became full of Cottage Garden flowers, with … Continue reading

Fabulous; it’s Friday!

 Black and bohemian, dark, sultry and the stuff of fairy tales; Queen of the Night and parrot Tulips add a deep, dusky depth to any border or hand-tied posy. Add a touch of chartreuse, some smokey mauve and you have a moody confection fit for Vanessa Bell or Virginia Woolf. Go on, walk on the … Continue reading

Primula Auricula Umbrella…..

 When it rains, why not take shelter amidst the flowers, like this sweet stone frog? I think those Primula Auriculas make the most delightfully fragrant umbrella, don’t you?    

Fabulous; it’s Friday!

“Go ahead, make a little something this weekend and share it with someone you don’t know yet. Spread a little love around and watch the joy spread”     Hand baked, with love, these exquisite biscuits were made by Shilo as table favours  for a party to mark her recent marriage to David. Shilo and I had … Continue reading