Capture the Sun on Fabulous; it’s Friday!

 A double soup of roasted tomato with basil and roasted squash with ginger and coconut milk. Sun soaked vegetables drizzled with olive oil and roasted until sweet and sticky, make fabulously quick and easy soups. Simply blitz in a blender and mix with vegetable bouillon. and voila! As the summer takes on an Indian air and the … Continue reading

What is the Colour of Love?

 With sweet, pale, hand painted daisies (“he loves me, he loves me not”) scattered on fragile vintage glass and roses with a blood-red hue evoking the passion of Carmen….I wonder…..what is the colour of love?

Sweet, Scented Nostalgia…….

The afternoon is warm and still and the pink petals of the flowering cherry blossom drift silently and slowly down onto the flower beds beneath as if the thick, sultry air is just too tired to stir. In this atmosphere, the scent of the Gillyflowers rises and stays, and I breathe in its heady perfume as … Continue reading

A Visit from the Easter Bunny…..

Snuggled peacefully beneath the shade of these Spring Hellebores, this sweet and gentle Bunny has seen many Easter celebrations come and go. Made in 1920-1939, by Denby Ware in a most comforting shade of pastel green and now with one magnificent ear showing signs of a tumble, he brings a sense of calm to this … Continue reading