What is the Colour of Love?

 With sweet, pale, hand painted daisies (“he loves me, he loves me not”) scattered on fragile vintage glass and roses with a blood-red hue evoking the passion of Carmen….I wonder…..what is the colour of love?

10 thoughts on “What is the Colour of Love?

  1. Beautiful photo! I like that you took the daring route–instead of pretty pastel flowers, to go with the sweet glassware, using the bright red adds an edge to the arrangement. And, yes, love can go either way, too, can’t it?

    • Thank you so much Kerry. I think we all need a little passion here in our lives in England today. It is a Bank Holiday and the weather is terribly wet and cold. I am thinking of lighting a fire!

  2. What a lovely vases and vintage glass! It is a wonderful photo. Having a roaring fire on a rainy cold day cuddling up with your cats and reading a great book or doing your applique work sounds so cozy and relaxing. Have a great evening!

  3. Oh my….what a lovely photo + red is my favorite color in flowers! Orange runs a second and I love orange and purple in the garden:-) You have a gift for putting things together. I love the contrast of the dainty flowered vases and the strong bold flower color + right down to the blue table=stunning!!:-)

  4. Oh thank you so much! Often it is much easier to take photos indoors when everything can be staged, than it is to get good shots outdoors in situ. Your blog inspires me too and makes me feel happy, so its a good thing that mine makes you smile too!

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