Sewing the Garden…..

Swept up and cast aside by the sparkle of Christmas and washed away by months of rain I slither and slide down the slippery path of the New Year into my waterlogged garden. Seeing all my sad and sodden potted Primulas and Cowslips, I gather them up lovingly and head for the greenhouse. Surely these … Continue reading

Martisor, Friendship and New Traditions

The north easterly wind rattles my ancient sash windows and the Snowdrops close their petals tightly against the chill. Pulling on my warmest hat, I head out to the garden to set up my little French grey painted table outside my gate. I have been selling pots of Snowdrops decorated with feathery moss there. This … Continue reading

Fabulous; it’s Friday!

“Go ahead, make a little something this weekend and share it with someone you don’t know yet. Spread a little love around and watch the joy spread”     Hand baked, with love, these exquisite biscuits were made by Shilo as table favours  for a party to mark her recent marriage to David. Shilo and I had … Continue reading

A Visit from the Easter Bunny…..

Snuggled peacefully beneath the shade of these Spring Hellebores, this sweet and gentle Bunny has seen many Easter celebrations come and go. Made in 1920-1939, by Denby Ware in a most comforting shade of pastel green and now with one magnificent ear showing signs of a tumble, he brings a sense of calm to this … Continue reading