Saying Goodbye to Ossie….

With his sweet, gentle, loving nature and fur softer than the most luxurious silk- velvet, my cat Ossie and I made a soul connection. Together with his brother Josef, we all cuddled our way through good times and bad; through my divorce and a period where I could not walk  due to a broken foot. … Continue reading

Saturday Secrets………

These rich, complex, dusky damask roses with their headily scented folds, draw me into a world of passion and glamour and their myriad petals seem to curl themselves around a whisper, an intrigue, a secret. These roses, this vase of burnished gold belong on a fantasy table laid for imaginary guests. And within moments my guest … Continue reading

Capture the Sun on Fabulous; it’s Friday!

 A double soup of roasted tomato with basil and roasted squash with ginger and coconut milk. Sun soaked vegetables drizzled with olive oil and roasted until sweet and sticky, make fabulously quick and easy soups. Simply blitz in a blender and mix with vegetable bouillon. and voila! As the summer takes on an Indian air and the … Continue reading