The Gentle Art of Dead-Heading……

Removing faded blooms from Summer flowering plants is essential if you want to prolong blooming. But am I the only one who finds it tedious? But with some flowers, like these Poppy seed heads, it is really easy. Each little pod in shades of soft bluey green through to  pale olive is a mini work of art. So until I actually want them to make seed which I will collect for re-sowing next year I just lose myself in their gentle beauty.

Happy dead-heading everyone!








17 thoughts on “The Gentle Art of Dead-Heading……

  1. I agree, there many tedious jobs that are actually soothing and calming body, mind and spirit and give nice rewards like your seed pods and for us, a great post with beautiful photos ;0) xo Johanna

    • My dead heading has today yielded a bucket full of spent flowers. They look so pretty, like a potpourri. I am so glad you like the photos. The pods are like mini sculptures Karen x

  2. yes, Karen, that really is a tedious job but has a lot of beauty, too. I love those poppy seed capsules. They are wonderful. And next year everything in your garden will be even more beautiful. Kind regards Mitza

    • Thank you so much Mitza. A lady came to my open garden wearing a little gold acorn on a chain. It was so lovely. I imagine that you too are inspired by nature when you create your jewellery. K x

      • yes, that’s true, Karen. I even made a brooch out of ebony and silver looking like an acorn and made a poppy seed capsule out of silver, which was very difficult. Nature has the most beauty in the world, so it is really inspiring. Give a kiss to your little cat, M x

      • Oh, how wonderful! Do you have any pictures? I was a water colourist for many years and gained a reputation for painting bunches of carrots, strings of garlic and still life paintings. I had a pair of earrings made for me in silver which were in the shape of carrots! They are so lovely and even have the greenery at the top. They sound strange but they are not. I have given Josef a kiss, from you and he says ‘Thank you Mitza’. It is not at all hard to love cats, as you say, with their soft fur, little paws and sweet ways.

      • I must take a look in my boxes if I still have it. The poppy had been cut open by me and turned into a ring. Really cute to have earrings like carrots. My girlfriend collects everything with frogs. And I collect these old brooches with rose and flower design…

      • I have a romantic and highly sensitive soul, dear Karen. Carrots say that you are loving gardening and extraordinary things that not everybody has. You should have cat earrings. xx

    • They are Flanders or field Poppies. Usually they are quite small in size when they self seed on the roadside or in fields, but in my garden where they are fed with Fish, Blood and Bone, ( a fertilizer which I am not sure if you use over there) they are fabulous!

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