Martisor, Friendship and New Traditions

The north easterly wind rattles my ancient sash windows and the Snowdrops close their petals tightly against the chill. Pulling on my warmest hat, I head out to the garden to set up my little French grey painted table outside my gate. I have been selling pots of Snowdrops decorated with feathery moss there.

This is the first time I have done this and it is such fun! I leave an honesty box padlocked to my gate for customers to leave their payment and every day the change in the tin has exactly matched the number of Snowdrops sold. And when I set them out, they look so sweet and hopeful; a little sign of Spring, cushioned by moss. I check my calendar and Spring is not due to begin here until March 20th. This is like torture! Surely there is something I can do to speed things up a bit?

Then the happy solution drops into my inbox in a post from Lucy of  all right choices. Lucy lives in Romania where her country’s celebrations of Spring start today, on the first day of March. Little gifts decorated with red and white string are made or bought and given to loved ones, to mark the day. For it is believed that the person who wears the gifts decorated with this special string will enjoy a healthy and prosperous New Year. You can read all about this ancient and traditional way of marking the arrival of Spring in Romania in Lucy’s post.

I asked Lucy if she would mind if I shared in this special day by making some little gifts for my own family and friends and she seemed to be as excited about it as I was! So, here is what I made……

Little posies of Snowdrops and Ivy tied with red and white string.

Thanks to Lucy I have introduced a new tradition into my home, helping to link me with new and old friends and suddenly, Spring seems just that little bit closer.

Happy Mărţişor!





21 thoughts on “Martisor, Friendship and New Traditions

  1. Oh wow, Karen!!!! They look absolutely fabulous!!! I’m so happy to see you made such beautiful talismans. You did an amazing job. I’d definitely wear one. ❤ And the snowdrops are a perfect fit! Happy 1st of March!! Hugs

    • Oh, bless you Lucy! You spotted my post the minute it went live! You know what it is like, things always take longer to complete than you think. Have a very happy day and hugs to you and Lisa ( I hope she has a red and white tied talisman!)

      • You made me so happy with your amazing work, Karen! I’m highly impressed and proud of what you made. You took martisor to a whole new level 🙂 Unfortunately…..Lisa isn’t with me anymore…. 😦 She’s living with my ex boyfriend now… I miss her so much, but I know she’s being well taken care of. Today I got a picture of her by email. I hope I’ll see her again, one day soon. The distance doesn’t help though. Anyway, have a lovely Spring! x

      • Oh Lucy, I am so sorry to hear about Lisa. But I know you will be doing the very best thing for her. And it is so kind of your ex to send a photo. Life does not always go according to plan and often there is pain. I am so pleased that the post made you happy, especially all that you have been going through. There will be much more happiness for you in the future as well…I just know it! Thanks Lucy and take care of yourself x

      • Hey dear Karen! Thank you so much for your kind words. You brought tears to my eyes. I also hope for the best, but right now I’m having a really hard time, emotionally, without them 2. As you said, love doesn’t always go as planned. It makes it even worse, when it feels like you’ve lost the one … However, being in NL is the best thing, for Lisa. I would never put her through the torture of moving 2500 km, to Romania, to an apartment, and a worse environment overall. She’s an old good doggy and deserves the best, even if this means losing her. Thank you once again for your beautiful post and words. I very much appreciate them. Lots of hugs xo

  2. Reblogged this on All Right Choices and commented:
    After I wrote a few thoughts on the Romanian Spring traditions for 1st of March, my friend Karen, from UK, took the challenge to make a few talismans and share them with her friends and family. I’m so honored and proud of her work. The talismans are absolutely gorgeous!

      • That’s nice, Karen, that you sold all the snowdrops even though it rained. It was raining here, too, that’s why I posted some Mediterranean flowers for the sunshine, have a good sunday, too, regards Mitza

  3. oh if only I would live around the corner from you….I would immediately pick a few pots of those lovely snowdrops!!! Woke up this morning with a new few inches of is still snowing. so your spring post is more than welcome…now I am of to Lucy.

    • And if you were closer I would be bringing you some Snowdrops! A blanket of snow seems to stifle hope and put life on hold. But all those green shoots are down there being kept warm by the blanket- I know, that is little consolation at the moment. I was so grateful for the inspiration which Lucy’s post gave me. She shared such a lovely tradiiton and gave me the chance to make something new.

    • Thank you Gretchen, I think the secret is that I have so many bits and pieces to hand for creating and crafting. I am just a collector of pretty things; a little magpie!

  4. Thank goodness you’re a magpie! All these bits and pieces come together in such happy fashion. I love that you’re selling snowdrops and using the honesty system–many farmers in my area do that and I think it really reflects a trust in the better nature of our neighbors!

    • I am so happy carrying my little table out each day and setting out my stall. And when they are all sold, customers stack up my enamel bowls very neatly for me and return the empty pots when they have planted the bulbs. I can feel the kindness in these small gestures.

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