Fabulous; it’s Friday!

I bought my first Tussie-Mussie from the quaint shop which sells herbs and plants at the American Museum in Bath. The only Museum of American Decorative and Folk Art outside the United States, this is a very special place full of treasures and artefacts and somewhere that I visit as often as I can.

I have been making Tussie- Mussies of my own ever since- little nosegays of herbs, greenery and flowers all imbued with meaning. These miniature posies were very popular in Victorian times when the Language of flowers meant that secret messages could be passed to the one you loved. Creating something on a tiny scale like this is such a special thing to make and do and each flower seems to stand out like a little jewel in its perfect fresh foliage setting.

Here is my Tussie –Mussie for you!

Have a Lovely weekend!


8 thoughts on “Fabulous; it’s Friday!

  1. Oh Karen, how lovely to get such a wonderful tussie mussie from you. I love that word and the meaning of it. Yours is really special in colors and composition. Have a beautiful week-end, too, regards Mitza

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