Fabulous; it’s Friday!

Dip into the crushed berry and ice-cream coloured swirls of these Fabulous; it’s Friday, floral and Rainbow Beetroot confections. All of them have almost zero calories, but are a little feast for the soul.

HAPPY WEEKEND to all my friends!

19 thoughts on “Fabulous; it’s Friday!

    • Thanks so much Johanna! The fabric is a Cath Kidston print. Are you familiar with her designs? Cath Kidston started off with a small, but beautiful little shop in London (which I used to visit) where she sold old fabrics, vintage eiderdowns, etc, etc. All the things we like, but the originals. Then she started to design new prints based on the old designs. I am glad that I knew her before her designs went global and so mass produced.
      Still, she probably has made a serious amount of money…but I did love her first quirky little shop where I used to see her serving in the shop with her little dog by her side. x

    • Thanks so much Cynthia. Would you like to grow some? You could even grow some in a container or tub. Imagine that! Pretty soon you will be featuring them on your blog!
      They are so pretty and a little more subtle in colour than the red varieties.

    • What a lovely comment! Thanks so much Sarah. Nature is such a source of inspiration for us both. Vanessa shared a lovely card of yours with a beautiful bird and a floral background. I LOVED it! x x

    • Thanks so much Gretchen. I am so happy to have made the introduction! I love the beauty which can be found in these good natured root vegetables which bring us so much comfort in the winter months.

    • Thanks so much Lucy. I have been trying to post more regularly, but now I am behind with my response! So sorry about the late reply.
      I think just looking at flowers and colour makes us feel happier. I am so glad it works for you too.

      • You don’t need to apologize at all, Karen. We all have a busy life and we’re doing our best to keep the blog going as well. Thank you for making my day beautiful, with your amazing decorations! Hugs x

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