“I Must Have Flowers, Always and Always”

My little gift to you all on St Valentine’s Day is this fabulous, big, blousy bunch of flamboyant Tulips. Doesn’t their colour and curvy, frilly, petal shapes just buzz with energy and passion?

Flowers are good for us and our mental health all year round, not just on special days like today. It is said that patients in hospital brighten when they have flowers next to their beds and need less pain medication and are less anxious and tired as a result. Also that diners in restaurants are in a better mood when they have flowers on the table and that flowers and plants in the workplace make people feel more creative. Just smelling flowers really does help to make us less anxious.

Having flowers around us all the time does not have to be expensive. I grew the Tulips in the photo from a few bulbs. And remember, if you grow your own or buy flowers which have been grown locally, then your flowers will last so much longer!

When money is tight, I might only manage some hedgerow twigs and a few Snowdrops in a tiny bud vase. But, as Claude Monet said “I must have flowers, always, and always” …and I do.


7 thoughts on ““I Must Have Flowers, Always and Always”

  1. What beautiful tulips. Really love them. Wonderful photo with nice colors, Karen. Thanks for your post and have a beautiful Valentine’s day, too, regards Mitza

  2. Hi Karen,
    What a beautiful valentines Post. Those tulips are gorgeous. The petals are so ruffly and frilly. I have to agree flowers bring a tranquill energy into a room. The fragrance next to your bed always makes you have a beautiful peaceful sleep. I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day.

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