Fabulous; it’s Friday! Why not hitch a ride with me to Glastonbury….

Warm, toasted, cinnamon tea cakes from the artisan bakery at the Hundred Monkeys Café and sweet, organic, sun-ripened apricots in Earthfare are not the only things on offer in this early morning, sleepy Somerset market town. For this is Glastonbury; the world renowned focus for religious pilgrimage and where imagination, transformation, enlightenment and incense are as readily available as sourdough bread. Notable for its famous festival which now attracts over 200,000 visitors, for its myths and legends of Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and King Arthur and Guinevere, Glastonbury is a melting pot for all those seeking spiritual development and a closer connection with the sacred.

I have travelled here, not for the Hippie Message, but to visit my own personal Mecca; a shop called Dilliway and Dilliway which is an Aladdin’s cave of fabulously glamorous Indian goods both vintage and new. Inside and out the whole place vibrates with colour. Each item for sale has been personally sourced by the Dilliway team and although this shop differs from the rest in that it is not pedalling the overtly spiritual, each item holds a strong soul connection. Each hand-stitched throw resonates with  hundreds of years of artistry and humble integrity and when you buy an item, however small, it carries with it the Dilliway ethos of a deep love and respect for the Indian people, their creativity and craftsmanship and their culture. Lost in my thoughts as I photograph, a procession suddenly passes the shop. The sound of pretty music rises above the sound of the traffic and I see a long crocodile of happy smiling Hare Krishna followers carrying coloured parasols to shade them selves from the sun. In the midst of this all is a diminutive figure in white robes. Terry Dilliway tells me that this man is called Baba.

As I leave the store, the procession has settled on the wide pavement and within minutes the whole area is transformed; street food has appeared out of nowhere and huge Indian carpets thrown down to sit on. Everyone is drawn to Baba and I can sense a deep connection between him and the folk around him. Suddenly I feel on the outside of something really special. And I get a real sense and understanding of what Glastonbury can do for people in this mad, chaotic world where so many have lost their spiritual connections. Suddenly, I begin to understand the Hippie Message.

Why not wander round the store with me?

  Baba and his followers sharing street food and conversation

16 thoughts on “Fabulous; it’s Friday! Why not hitch a ride with me to Glastonbury….

  1. Oh, Karen! what a lovely gander I had, wandering around the store with you. I’ve heard so much about Glastonbury, but never been. Thanks for these words and pictures about it.

    • Thanks so much Glen, I so appreciate your visits here. I am glad that the Hippy Vibe made you smile! And….I had forgotten that it is time to catch up with you both. So speak soon.

  2. Oh my, I really felt like walking next to you, open mouthed with sheer delight. Such a lovely description of Glastonbury and the store. I have travelled quite a lot in England but hope to return one day and than visit Glastonbury as well. Thank you Karen, beautifully captured gander.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments.I have to confess that I have travelled through Glastonbury for so many years on my way to beautiful, genteel Bath and I had never really stopped. When I did, I realised what I had missed. You just can’t help but be affected by the atmosphere.

  3. Your descriptions could almost stand alone, they’re so detailed and evocative, but it was great fun to see the photos, too! Glastonbury is, indeed, famous and now I can get a feeling for why. The shop looks marvelous–so many colors and textures–I bet it smells great, too! Thanks for inviting me along!

    • You are so kind and complimentary. Thank you. And you are so right about the lovely fragrance in the shop. When I unwrapped my goodies at home, all the wrapping and bag was imbued with the scent and also memories of my lovely day.

  4. Sounds to be a lovely place, Karen, little wonder you go back, again and again.

    There is one belief that we hold the truth within us from birth, but may need an external nudge to awaken and discover that same, inner truth. Hence the reason for teachers, not that we should actually slavishly follow anyone.

    • The theory about our inner truth is an interesting one and I think it is sound and right. The trouble is that we keep not listening to it. Staying tuned into it is the hardest thing. As we seem to prefer wandering off course!

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