These local, Cornish Flowers just keep on Blooming….


6 days in and these fabulous flowers from just keep on blooming!

With home grown  Chrysanthemums, Dahlia, Zinnia, chocolate scented Cosmos and wild Cornish hedgerow ferns and flowers, this bouquet has a natural grace which regular florists simply can not match. Its wild beauty takes us right back to nature; like walking through a flower meadow on a sunny day.

Make yourself smile and love flowers!

9 thoughts on “These local, Cornish Flowers just keep on Blooming….

  1. Reblogged this on janjoy52 and commented:
    I want you to meet this love friend I met through wordpress. Karen blogs from the UK. She has a passion for gardening, fine china, cooking, flowers, her sweet cats and dear friends.

    Her wring. Makes me feel life and I am sharing tea across her table

  2. I just read the comment above:-) You blog from UK-I did not know that. My oldest daughter just moved from UK to Sweden last week. I have you in my reader, but I miss your posts for some reason. Have to figure that out:-) I love your blog/web page:-) I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I love how your photos are a “story collage”–picture of a story in one photo with all kinds of “details” to discover each time you visit!
    chocolate cosmos in a brown sprinkled vase:-) oh so pretty:-) I need to learn to cut my flowers and bring them in- I am missing out on the best part of having flowers! You inspire me!

  3. I look at those flower and wish we had a larger flower beds. I love having fresh cut flowers in the house. I so enjoy admiring their beauty and enjoying their fragrance. I am glad that you had a nice birhday.

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