Purple Haze, Pig’s Snout, Money Meadow…

Carrot Purees and Morrocan Chicken Jan 2014 036 - Copy

Evocative, romantic and poetic, the amazing diversity of named varieties in the Kitchen Garden, Orchard and Landscape, bring life and colour to our world and make our locality unique.

In Devon and Cornwall apples such as: Cornish Gilliflower, Pig’s Nose, Snell’s Glass Apple and Queenie are all special varieties which suit our mild wet climate.

The fields around my house were once all known for their names, but only by the oldest residents of the village. When there was no one left alive who knew the names, I researched old records to capture them and commissioned a map to be made, revealing field names such as Money Meadow, Salt Field, Little Weedy Park, Furzy Meadow.

In my own small way, today I celebrate the unique colour, flavour and individuality of produce in my Living Larder in the Kitchen Garden by making three single variety vegetable purees from  carrot  which suit my location. These are, Purple Haze, Amsterdam Sweetheart and Yellowstone.

Do you have any favourite named varieties which are special to you and your locality?

4 thoughts on “Purple Haze, Pig’s Snout, Money Meadow…

  1. I love that you are trying to get the history of the areas around you. Maybe with this blog, you can reintroduce the original names back into the community. beautiful photography, Karen. ~amy

    • Thank you for visiting. I like to serve purees underneath things- such as under any sauteed meat or fish. This is a habit I picked up from when I ran a restaurant. It just adds another layer of flavour and texture. Or you can use them as you would do any other vegetable. I grow far too much of everything, so purees in the freezer in little bags mean that I can use it to make a quick soup or add it to mash for a cottage pie.

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