World Peace and a new Tiara, or…Frogspawn?

There are things a girl really wants (world peace and a sparkly new tiara spring to mind).  But nothing could bring me more HAPPINESS than discovering that, for the first time and  in my messy, weed strewn, choked up with old leaves and shamefully neglected pond, I have………FROGSPAWN!


13 thoughts on “World Peace and a new Tiara, or…Frogspawn?

  1. Well, aren’t you easy to please?! I take it this is a good sign of something–spring? Life in your pond? Right about now, I’d be happy to water in our lake, instead of miles and miles of ice!

    • You made me laugh! Oh, it made me so happy because it’s the first time it has happened. Last year there was frogspawn in a big swampy area near to the stream at the bottom of my meadow, but it dried up in the sun and despite moving water to try and keep it alive- it all dried up and they all died. I do hope the ice melts soon. The weather here today is lovely, so I am off to plant seeds. Did you stay at The Rock at Yelverton, near Tavistock?.-Karen.

  2. Spring is certainly in the air in my garden today! Glorious sunshine and fabulous seeds to plant. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope these tadpoles thrive, it would be so good to have frogs around the Kitchen Garden.

  3. I always love the drama of you posts, and as I see it, the passion of the fire set against the snow. And yet, the ice and snow must seem so endless. I thought that in your last post that perhaps the snow had gone. As for the photo- I have bought a new camera in an attempt to get a little more slick (ha ha). I actually took that shot with the wrong lens on, but I thought it had a nice feel to it. Thanks so much for commenting.-Karen.

  4. I was unaware that frogs, toads and newts were protected species in England. I am sure the frogs would stay as long as they have food and a protected shelter. We have our little rock border for our veggie patch. They like it. The only problem is watching out for them when you working there. We have to make sure we don’t step on them. I like them for insect controll. I am so glad that they found your yard an oasis and have made it their home. The frogs that left their spawn must have felt it was a good place for their eggs to thrive. Good luck.

  5. Hi Honey, I did not actually know that they were protected, I just knew that the common frog and toad were no longer so common. I love having toads and frogs around the garden, but so far there have been very few. You will smile when I tell you that during the Summer, last year, I would regularly see a small toad at the same time when I closed up my greenhouse. I thought about kissing him to see if he turned into a handsome prince! I too hope that the spawn survives in my pond- I think sometimes it does not.-Karen.

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