Flower Power…

Pansies in shades of moody violet and mauve overhang the terracotta edging of my garden path as I stoop down to pick their gentle, floppy heads and place them in a container. I scatter water droplets on their friendly, fragrant faces, the way my mother taught me to do to keep flowers like violets fresh for longer.

I know of a special little shop in Exeter, where inside, amongst the brocante, and French style home and garden ware, the owner displays linen aprons in shades of soft lavender. When she first opened, her business card came adorned with a little tube of Parma violet sweets and last time I went is she wore a violet coloured cardigan. The shop is called Violette and these softly scented Pansies belong there!

I carry them into town in my basket and hand them over as I pass by. This spontaneous gift is met with such delight that she gives me a hug in thanks.

Flowers can do this, as fragile as they are they carry a message of hope and joy and it is no coincidence that they have their own language. And in the language of flowers the Pansy stands for thoughts.

This little tale illustrates the power which flowers have to touch others and ourselves as they scatter their magic and meaning on our world.

This truly is Flower Power.



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