Fabulous; it’s Friday!


Carrot Purees and Morrocan Chicken Jan 2014 006 - Copy

These tiny Brussels Sprouts seem to grow out of the painted leaves in this soft and serene still-life. This accidental pastiche takes this scene from flat to spatial and gives a most humble nod to the fabulous transformational work of-

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972)



8 thoughts on “Fabulous; it’s Friday!

  1. Thank you so much. What I love about each day is that I already have so many things planned, but that this does not stop even better ideas coming along. It results in total chaos inside the house, but that gets put right eventually. What matters is the joy of creating something new. I think we are very lucky to have been born with a creative nature…don’t you?

  2. I love, love, love brussel sprouts as does my 10 year old son, Henry. We eat them once a week. My girls will eat them, but only because they eat all veggies…just not as happily with brussel sprouts. Beautiful photograph, Karen! ~amy

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