Cosy Cake Club……

“It’s a pop-up cake club on Dartmoor and the sweetest place to be”

Jewel part 2 008 - Copy (2)

Meet ‘Jewel’, the Cosy Cake Club mascot……isn’t she adorable?

I used to own and run a restaurant and inn. So I know a bit about how to make a place look nice and how to make people feel welcome. I can cook, write a menu, lay a table, clear it and lay it again (and again and again). And I did that many times over the years. But what I loved best about being in hospitality was looking after people. Being front of house you have the chance to make folk feel happy, comfortable and cared for. Looking after people is a privilege; it was never just a job to me.

But working so hard left no time for me to connect with friends in town or in the village where I live. Now that I do have more time, I see that the ebb and flow of life in my rural community means that there is exactly the same need for somewhere to go where you will be greeted by the friendly face of someone who cares.  A place to eat cake and share some laughter; a safe haven on a trying day.

So, I am launching the Cosy Cake Club in my home.

Cosy Cake Club Card FrontIt will be a monthly, pop-up club with no ties and no membership, where I do all the baking. In winter we will be inside, sitting on colour washed settles by the open fire. In summer the Cosy Cake Club can move outdoors to the garden and the summerhouse.

 The first Cosy Cake Club is on February 25th and opens from 11 a.m -1 p.m Everyone is welcome; it’s not just for the girls.  Why not come along and eat cake?

I can’t wait to see you.

Cosy Cake Club Business Card 2015 Back (2)








40 thoughts on “Cosy Cake Club……

  1. Wish I could come, I love cakes and your photo makes me lick the screen. This sounds wonderful, dear Karen. I wish you a successful day with nice visitors. Kind regards Mitza

  2. Karen! This is a HUGE piece of BRILLIANCE from God!!! I love that God has given you the gift of hospitality and love as well as experience to make all this happen!!! This is God’s gift from you to your community. I am sure you already have cultivated a reputation for fun and charm and whimsy and sweet friendships. In my heart you can sign me up!!! I pray this is a HUGE success for you and an event your friends relish and look forward to with great anticipation.

    Much love!
    Jan 😙

    • Oh Jan! Yours was the sweetest, kindest and most enthusiastic message! Thank you so much for your interest, support and observations. I was certainly born with the gift of enjoying looking after people and I can’t wait to get involved again. One person has signed up so far and I know that there are other people in the village who for all kinds of reasons are wanting to come. Some are suffering with watching illness in their loved ones, others are lonely and want to feel they belong. and some just like cake. Perhaps God finds the right route for everyone to take eventually. perhaps this is mine. Love Karen x

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      • Carry on surprising them Karen. 😉 No doubt you’ll be asked to bake for the local fetes too now they know your talent.

        I had a great friend that moved from up here down to Ivybridge on the edge of Dartmoor. Our lives moved in different directions once the kids had grown up, so I’ve not been down for a couple of years now.

        Yes I wonder what you’ll spring on your neighbours next? 😉 xx

  4. What a lovely idea! I wish I could come, but I guess I’ll just have to be there in spirit. Also your summerhouse looks absolutely dreamy, especially with all the brown plants outside my window.

    • I might create a board with photos of all those who are with me in spirit 🙂 Thanks for wanting to come Jen. All my plants are brown too……that photo was taken last Summer, but it shows all the promise there is to come….I hope x x

  5. Congrats! You are just so talented,painting,sewing, photography,sewing, baking,cooking and gardening just to name a few. I am sure you will succeed in this new en-devour as well. I wish I lived closer so I could become a regular at your pop up bake clubb.

    • I know Honey, I wish you could come too. Thank you for your positive remarks. It’s funny, but when a person is born creative I am not sure that they ever think anything of it, other than they are just being themselves. I so wish that I was clever in other ways, then perhaps by now I would have a big income. But that does not always bring happiness does it?

      • you are totally correct wealth does not equate happiness. If I could make a suggestion I would sell your paintings, canned goods, plants to your guests. I believe that you have quite a bit of business sense. You just need to believe in all of your abilities.

  6. This is such a perfect plan for you–all your talents and strengths will be on display! I suspect your community will embrace it–they’d be crazy not to! And it Jewel your dog? What a cutie!

    • Jewel belongs to my friend, Sara, who lives in my village. Jewel can often be seen riding in the basket on the front of Sara’s bicycle as she goes down the road. That is so special 😊

  7. Congratulations and what a brilliant idea!! It all looks so beautiful and jummy and has your signature all over! Is Jewel your new friend? Does she live with you? She is absolutely wonderful!! Xo Johanna

  8. I have to agree with everyone else who’s commented, this is a fantastic idea, I wish you all the best for the venture! Who knows, perhaps you could offer short special sessions where you pass on some of your home-spun wisdom to those in attendance.

    • Thank you so much Kevin. There seems to be quite an interest in all things cakey! I have 15 people coming so far. Like you, I think there may be an opportunity for me to start workshops .I did them way back when I qualified to teach adults. I was due to go on to teach children, but It was much too challenging! Teaching, if done properly is very hard. A good thing I have my Kitchen Aid! I hope you are well and keeping warm and well. Karen

  9. Hi Karen. I am now an addicted member of the Cosy Cake Club. It was a wonderful day of meeting lots of very talented, creative and inspiring ladies whilst sampling some of the most delicious cake. Beautiful Jewel was a star and also liked your cakes as much as we all did. I cannot wait for next meeting of The Cosy Cake Club.

    • I was so pleased that you came! You are a lovely friend who I feel so happy to have met at my open garden day last year. A great thing that our paths crossed.

  10. I found your post on your Cake Club—amazing idea + with your talent I have no doubt you will have a full house each time:-) Is your mascot a new buddy? what a cutie:-) Life is just too short for us not to connect and give:-) what a treasure you are to your community!

    • I am so pleased to hear from you! And thank you so much for your kind words. Jewel, the Jack Russell and Cosy Cake Club mascot, belongs to a friend in the village. Everyone loves her!
      I have been feeling upset because I really like to keep in touch with you about seeds and gardening stuff, but everytime I go to your blog I can see no where to comment. Am I being really simple? I can see where to share and like but not how to speak with you.
      I have been so wanting to tell you that I germinated the Historic Florist Pansies….but, through the Winter they developed black leaf spot. It has just been too wet here. So I have planted more.
      Of all the gardeners I know, the way you plant is closest to how I try to grow too. I do so hope we can keep in touch. x

      • aww…I need to turn my comments back on since I am done working on another project. I will turn them on next time since I was not on the computer much. I will make sure I turn it back on-my fault. You did nothing wrong. I just was not posting much and decided to leave it off since I was not going on line much this past fall or winter..but I am back-tee hee. I’ll make sure next time I have it turned on but you can always e-mail me anytime with a comment/thought/question-it is on my site:-)

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