Christmas in England…..

SOOTHED by the stillness of frosty, sun-sparkly days in-between the magic of Christmas and the excitement of a new year, these deep blue Hyacinths, the colour of sky and sea, make me yearn for Spring.



16 thoughts on “Christmas in England…..

    • Thank you so much Kerry. You are so right, Dartmoor is so beautiful in this fabulous, clear, sunshine and crisp light. I did a huge walk yesterday and just as the sun was setting all the bracken on the Tors just glowed a warm. burnt orange. I must take my proper camera. What I need though, is a sherpa to carry it!

    • Thank you so much Cynthia.
      I love the cushion and its little red bobble braiding along the edge and the fact that it so celebrates being British. It is such fun styling objects for a photo and I feel so happy doing it. I suppose it is a way of composing a perfect little scene, in an imperfect world! And I so wanted to celebrate those flowers and how nice they looked with the snow sprinkled cones.

    • Thank you so much Mitza. I know how much you love flowers. Just the thought of them lifts our spirits, I know you feel that too.
      I send you every good wish for 2015!
      Karen x

    • This Winter I have adopted a new strategy to cope with the Winter Blues- I have walked in the forest or on the moors everyday, whatever the weather. When I was working I could not do that. It has worked so well for me and I have embraced the elements. I have seen the owls fly over my path at dusk, a baby Badger run right up to me and the Fox slink across the fields. It has been marvellous!

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