Baked with Love at Christmas….

Luxuriant with butter, laden with toasted nuts and rum-soaked fruits and cushioned with a moist layer of crème d’amande, this unashamedly rich Stollen is a heavenly Christmas treat.

A labour of love to make; a slow, rhythmic exercise of sifting, blending, creaming and rising where every step is an investment of devotion and tenderness as the dough is gently worked and protected.

Baked with love, I send this festive confection, to you, to all my friends around the world. It comes with my very best Christmas Wishes and thanks to you all for your sincere and valued friendship.


With love from

Karen x



16 thoughts on “Baked with Love at Christmas….

    • Thank you Gretchen, it has been a lovely ( if a little challenging) baking day. I had two lots of workmen in to fix a problem. They kept opening all the doors and letting the cold air in, which my dough did not like!
      I would love to cut you a big slice…or better still to carry a basket with a snowy stollen in across the woods to you- little red riding hood style. Sorry we can’t meet. I send you very best wishes and a virtual hug instead.

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