Vort Limpa; the perfect Christmas Bread

Mysteriously dark, fragrantly flavoured with beer, orange peel and fennel and sticky with molasses, Vort Limpa is my favourite Christmas bread.

This spicy Scandinavian rye loaf is named after the Vort or Wort which is the liquid that results from the mashing process in the making of beer, before fermentation begins. The story goes that whilst the men of the household would be making their beer at Christmastime some of the vort would be given to their wives, to bake a special festive bread during December and up until the day after Christmas.

Perfect served with butter as a tea time treat, or fabulous toasted for salami sandwiches the, scent of it as it is cooking, is, for me, the smell of Christmas.

For the recipe for Vort Limpa, please click here.

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