Petal Power…….

 Gather some blooms with a mille-feuille of fragrant petals, let the flowers tumble into a vintage jug or two- then settle back and let the flowers do the talking…








17 thoughts on “Petal Power…….

    • Thank you so much! I fell in love with those vases/jugs at the market. I picked them up for only a few pounds.I love the pink/gold, with a touch of turquoise- they are just heavenly!

  1. It’s like a pink explosion! I always have photo envy when I see your posts, Karen! You do such a good job with your pictures (are you tired of hearing that from me yet?) and they really do stand on their own–you don’t need a lot of chatter and words when the images are perfect!

    • Thank you so much. I realise now from your latest post that pinks and purples are not your favourite colours, so I am even more appreciative of your comment !
      I don’t think I will ever tire of the feedback which you are kind enough to give. I think all art, whether it be painting, photography, sewing etc, is all created to be shared. And I love the validation which your comments bring.
      So please don’t stop!

      • You keep writing and I’ll keep commenting! (And I can appreciate pink and purple prettiness, even if I would never wear either color!)

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