One Spring Day on Dartmoor….

This post is dedicated to my friend, Robbie, of Palm Rae Urban Potager  and to the memory of her beloved dog Punk, who was her constant gardening companion. The air is at once softer and more gentle, yet at the same time tentatively hopeful and new. The Crocus buds are fat and in bloom as … Continue reading

Raspberry Vinegar and Other Stories….

Cocooned under duvets and blankets, the bed piled high with books, packets of seeds, boxes of tissues and Josef the cat, I cough and sneeze my way through a winter cold. In the night, when I can’t sleep I slip into the world of Victorian England through the eyes of Mrs Beeton’s book of Household … Continue reading

Fabulous; it’s Friday!

Dip into the crushed berry and ice-cream coloured swirls of these Fabulous; it’s Friday, floral and Rainbow Beetroot confections. All of them have almost zero calories, but are a little feast for the soul. HAPPY WEEKEND to all my friends!

The Kitchen Garden Challenge

“It is like turning the kaleidoscope I had as a child. One mouthful of this dish and the world of dull winter magically fragments and is changed to the vibrant, intensely hued flavours, colours and warmth of the Mediterranean”.  The wind is set in a direction which turns my old house into an ice cold, … Continue reading

Persephone and the Pomegranate….

Pomegranates; their rose-tinted, leathery skins, concealing chambers packed with seeds simply bursting with unique and tantalising flavour. At once sweet and tart, these ruby-hued grains, so magical, so enticing and so mythologically forbidden, sealed Persephone’s fate, entrapping her as Goddess of the underworld and binding her to Hades forever. Exciting and flavoursome and full of health … Continue reading

Baked with Love at Christmas….

Luxuriant with butter, laden with toasted nuts and rum-soaked fruits and cushioned with a moist layer of crème d’amande, this unashamedly rich Stollen is a heavenly Christmas treat. A labour of love to make; a slow, rhythmic exercise of sifting, blending, creaming and rising where every step is an investment of devotion and tenderness as … Continue reading

Vort Limpa; the perfect Christmas Bread

Mysteriously dark, fragrantly flavoured with beer, orange peel and fennel and sticky with molasses, Vort Limpa is my favourite Christmas bread. This spicy Scandinavian rye loaf is named after the Vort or Wort which is the liquid that results from the mashing process in the making of beer, before fermentation begins. The story goes that … Continue reading