Dartmoor Jewels…..

The low clouds, heavy and weary with rain, sink lower still to smother gigantic Tors, whilst warm, peat-scented mist rolls over ancient granite and streams. This is Dartmoor; high ground where we live and breathe humid, nebulous air, moistened with gentle drizzle and where for days on end we view the world as if through a dampened veil. In this land of rugged beauty, a place full of green, cushion like hills and lush pasture we see twice the annual rainfall of our county falling on the uplands. But something magical can happen when sweet rain falls; when droplets gathers in the cobwebs laced across the prickly Gorse, crafting sparkling jewels of crystal clear water, when its softness bathes my early-morning, out-of-doors face and when I splash through the puddles in my wellington boots!

Up here on the moor I feel as free as the Stonechats who flitter from scrappy bush to stream. Solitary and secure, I plod onwards on my morning walk. Knees wet and cold I cheer myself by practising some real Devonshire dialect. Rolling my r’s around ‘rainin strames’, ‘fair ammering eeet down’ and lashins o’ rain’, I start to giggle out loud and startle some rabbits. Despite the chilly air, just ‘spuddling’ about in  the Dartmoor rain is still  the most joyous way of starting a new day!


22 thoughts on “Dartmoor Jewels…..

    • Thank you so much Cynthia. I am wondering how you are and am so sorry for my late reply. I have had an overwhelming amount of house painting to do and the renovation of one of my original 1886 sash windows. I hate painting and sanding!
      Yes, regular rainfall makes the garden grow lush and green….but it also rots all my windows 😦 But I love it here. My roots have gone deep down into the Dartmoor earth!

      • Hi Karen: I am so glad to hear from you. I haven’t been painting house, but I’ve been sorting and giving away stuff, and as usual, I have overdone it. Sounds like we both have. Aren’t we supposed to be very smart wimmen? (smile)

      • I think I have always felt most happy when I totally throw myself into my areas of interest. It can be quite tiring though, but very diverting and distracting. As Snoopy said ” No problem is so big you can’t run away from it”
        So if things are not going quite how I want them….I get busy. But sometimes, just sometimes, I do rest. Most times this is as soon as I sit down in the evening to watch a favourite tv programme..and then I fall asleep and miss it all!
        I will get smart if you promise too as well 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kerry. It is a nice to think that you have been here. It is, as you know, an area which sees much rainfall. But we had a few weeks of dry weather recently. I had to spend it renovating one of my original sash windows and sanding and painting many others. What a mammoth task?! Hence my late response. But at least when it rains now I will have the comfort of knowing that some of my woodwork has a good few layers of paint!
      I am so sorry to have missed so many of your posts and I look forward to catching up with the adventures of Gigi, who I know will be becoming even more adorable as she grows.

    • Dear Jan, please forgive this late reply. I have spent the last month renovating my sash windows, so I have been sanding, repairing rotten wood and painting. I know that you understand exactly what I mean and know how overwhelming a task it can be. I hope that you have been well and that the heat has cooled a little for you now. 🙂

      • Thank you for thinking of me in the middle of you labors. You are so kind and thoughtful! I imagine you are getting a lot of satisfaction in your labors and delight in the finished product. ♡♡♡

        My last official day at work was August 12th. I AM RETIRED! and since have recently returned from 5 weeks of road tripping with my husband, Ken. We covered northern California. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and back in 5 weeks! We had an amazing time with our daughters and their families and visited other friends and family all along the way. Since we have returned our renovation has set still. We will be rolling up our sleeves again soon but, as Ken said, we need to get a broader vision of our purpose than all about remodeling (though I REALLY want to be finished! ). So, and this is something the Lord put on both of our hearts, we plan to participate as marriage coaches and volunteers in our churches outreach to the poor. We attend The Vineyard Church of Anaheim and now that we have time these are both areas of need we can become passionate about. Thanks for asking!

      • Oh Jan, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what changes have happened in your life. And what big changes! You are retired! Your trip sounds amazing. I subscribe to a few American magazines and am always fascinated by the romance and excitement of the road trips it is possible to make in your magnificent country.
        I am also very excited to read of the plans you have for the next stage of your life with Ken. I am not surprised that these involve helping others and it is indeed a great blessing that you BOTH feel such a calling to do that together.
        I too have been pondering the way in which we can help and support others. Sometimes it is not always as straightforward as I first thought. I have a neighbour in some distress and always wanting to be a good samaritan and never pass by on the other side, I have called around to help many times. But I am finding that kindness is met with anger. I know this is a big topic, but kindness is sometimes met with suspicion, which seems such a shame.
        I so look forward to this next phase of life for you. It will be rich and rewarding…I just know it! x

      • I am finding when I take my burdens to God He works things out. Ken and I just saw the movie WAR ROOM. It’s amazing and true! Prayer changes people’s hearts and opens doors that are bolted tight. I will pray for you and your neighbor.

        If you come to the US please, please stay with us! We would love to share our home and lives with you!

      • Oh Jan, you have made my day with your kind offer! I do not know if I will ever make the trip, but if I did, it would mean so much to know that there would be someone at the other end of my journey who had such a loving heart.
        You have given me much food for thought today. Your comments about the power of prayer really made me wonder if a difference could be made within the heart of someone whose course was so set in a certain direction. Thank you for your prayers.
        I lived with my Grandma as a child and she and her 2 sisters helped to give me a religious upbringing. I think that due to my parents divorce when I was 4, the bible stories provided me with guidelines and support. I later became a sunday school teacher. It’s funny, but a memory came back to me today of attending a ‘ladies meeting’ with my Great- Aunts and singing “Take it to the Lord in Prayer”.
        I have just played the trailer for “The War Room” and it looks such a powerful story. I will certainly go and see it.
        Thank you for your friendship Jan x

    • Please forgive my terribly late reply Gretchen. I have spent the last month trying to rescue and renovate my ramshakle wooden windows before they fall out! I am far less in tune with painting than I am with nature and it was a real challenge to spend so many hours sanding and painting. I am sure I have missed many beautiful paintings of yours. Please forgive me. Karen x

  1. Lovely photo and perfect to start my day with! Fall is around the corner but it is one of those damp hot last days of summer here…oh, how I would love a morning walk in crisp air in Dart Moor. Your photo brought me there;0) xo Johanna

    • Thanks so much Johanna. I am so sorry for this later response. I have been overwhelmed by the work I have to do renovating my house and keeping on top of the garden recently 😦 I really think you would love it here. I am so looking forward to checking out your posts about your amazing trip. You do know, don’t you, how welcome you would be here if ever you came to England..:) Karen x

    • Thanks so much Brad. Please forgive this late reply. I have been attempting to be a country style superwoman, renovating my house, painting windows AND doing the garden! I am just catching up. Thanks for following me ….I really appreciate it. Karen.

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