Making Hay…….

One of my most treasured flea market-finds is this signed artist’s proof of a painting called ‘ The Valley Farm’, by Gerald Cooper R.A. 1898-1975.

Days and days of burnished, golden, Indian Summer sunshine sees the late autumn flowers blooming for the bees and my skin turning a pale caramel. This sublime, mellow weather with its misty mornings clearing to deep azure skies and a honeyed, warming light, brings with it a feeling of calmness and contentment which runs very deep within me. It is as if I have received a very special blessing or gift and it feels so personal; as though the sun shines just for me.

In this languid, contented state, as I weed and sow, I hear the sound of farmer Colin Friend’s tractor in the field. Few things in life evoke as much heartfelt joy for me than seeing my meadow being cut for hay. Preserving the grass for winter feed requires a week of good weather and as I garden over the next few days I see the tractor many times. And all the while the mowing, raking and the windrows of drying grass perfume the air with its sweet scent, filling me with happiness.

On the 7th day, the bales are taken away just before the weather breaks. And I think of the cattle and the joy they have to come when they eat my meadow grass full of deliciously scented wild flowers and I am glad that all the hay was safely gathered in.



15 thoughts on “Making Hay…….

    • Thanks so much Sarah, I have missed you too. I know you will have been making beautiful things…whereas I…..have been renovating sash windows 🙂 x x x

  1. Very lovely! And yes! The Lord in His sweet faithfulness is putting on a sweet show just for you! He delights in giving good and perfect gifts and He delights, especially, when you take it quite personally!

  2. When I was a kid on a farm, I loved the days we would work at cutting and baling hay, and bringing it back to the barn. As, you say, the smell is so distinctive and little pieces of chaff fly around and get in your hair and up your nose. Ah, good times!

    • How wonderful to hear your memories and to know that my little story resonated with you. I can remember playing on bales of straw after the combine had cut the corn. I am sure that the farmer would have hated us children doing that, but bales are so perfect for building dens and playing on until late 🙂

    • Thank you Cynthia. Your comments are so very much appreciated.
      I do not think that the English climate is often conducive to contentment and joy ( unless of course you like unsettled, wet and cool weather). But for the past few weeks we have all been handed the most perfect gift; an extra dose of late summer bliss! I have grabbed it with both hands and yes, it has been priceless.
      Incidentally, I found a gallery in the Cotswolds where the original painting ( mine is a print) was for sale and the sale price was…£40,000 !

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