Lilac Sugar……..

Capture a fragrant memory of this evocative, heady perfume by tossing some dry Lilac blossoms between layer upon layer of fine sugar crystals.  This scented time- capsule containing the  essence of spring will be there for you until long after the Lilac in your garden has faded and died. Then later, sprinkle a little romance into your cooking by using the sugar in meringues, biscuits and cakes.

   Always make sure that you use blossoms which have not been sprayed with chemicals and have not been grown close to a busy road.





34 thoughts on “Lilac Sugar……..

    • I cut huge branches of them and filled a vase indoors. The smell is heady. Like you, I love it so much! I hope it soon blooms for you too Cynthia.

  1. How lovely, such a wonderful idea. Our lilac is so disappointing. I love it so much, a true childhood memory! Hope you enjoyed the crochet! Xx

    • Thanks so much Annette. And yes, I really enjoyed the class. There were only 3 of us so we were in the house on the big table there. I was in flower mode, so made 0NE! It took me all day, whilst Sarah just knocked them out in the time it took me to wind the wool round my finger! She is so clever and so lovely! It would be so nice if you and I could do a class together one day. Lunch was FAB! Especially the dessert, which was Rhubarb and Raspberry crumble cake…with cream! x x

  2. I used to make this with lavender, never knew lilac could be used as well! I am going to try that right away. The lilac is beautiful in bloom here as well, such a sweet smell. And you have such poetic way of writing, what a sweet and stylish post…as always! xo Johanna

    • Thank you so much Jan. I LOVED all the decor and design of your holiday home! I could not believe what you created with hard work and so much thrift. I love it that you found so many bargains and donated to the Salvation Army at the same time. Now that is a perfect Jan result; helping others and spreading some Joy! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous!!! Brings me back to my childhood. We had lilacs growing all around the house and their intoxicating smell put me straight into wonderland. I loved coming home from school to that smell as a kid. Your sugar idea is brilliant!!!

    • I just love it when that happens- when a childhood memory is brought back by scent. Now that Spring has really kicked off I am constantly pushing my nose into flowers and remembering. I love all the individual fragrances- Calendula, peppery Lupins, Hawthorn Blossom. And one which reminds me of walking to infants school….Privet Blossom. We are lucky aren’t we, that we can derive such joy from these simple pleasures?
      So glad you like the sugar 🙂

  4. Beautiful idea! I totally love the color. My eyes sparkled when I saw your pictures 🙂 . Gorgeous! Thanks for making my evening so bright and colorful, Karen! x

      • I so love how you approach your shots Karen, I can’t say it enough, they are just BEAUTIFUL. My plan this last week whilst away was to visit some antiques shops to pick up some “props” but of course the only time I saw any of these shops was when we rushing somewhere… next time perhaps, lol! 🙂

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