Wild about Bees and Miss Marple….

Big, drowsy Bumbles, sweet, busy Honey Bees buzzing to and from their hives or exquisite silver bees for my ears; I am just mad about bees.

My beautiful bee earrings

  And all this despite being stung by a bumble bee on one fat cheek on my face as I sat in my pram as a baby!

In the arms of my babysitter

The story of being pushed, hurriedly, through the village in my perambulator to visit the vicarage where my doctor lived and held his surgery has become folklore in my family. Whilst Dr. Harris removed the sting, Mrs Harris prepared a slice of bread butter and sweet jam to pacify and soothe me. This late 1950’s style drama, with its Silver Cross pram, vintage print dresses, a vicarage and an ex RAF doctor with a handsome handle bar moustache has almost all the ingredients worthy of a scene from an Agatha Christie novel.

With my love of Cottage Gardens full of bees, sweet little cardigans, English afternoon tea, with my attempts at knitting and crochet and my love of a good fictional murder to solve,  am I not well on my way to becoming just like one of my most favourite imaginary characters?

16 thoughts on “Wild about Bees and Miss Marple….

  1. A most interesting post, Miss Marple — oops, I meant, “Miss Karen”.
    I love Agatha Christie’s books and have read dozens. How I wish we all had clever minds like Miss Marple.
    Your story about the bee, the sting, the rush to the doctor in the vicarage where he had his surgery is indeed worthy of a scene in a novel. Love the pix too!

    • Ha Ha! I am so glad that you like Agatha Christie too. There is a Museum dedicated to the Queen of Crime in the county where I live. I really must go. Why is is that we never visit the fabulous places which are on our doorstep?!
      The memories of the Dr’s house, the wood panelled waiting room and his tweed suits and moustache are so clear. Shame I just can’t recall what I have just gone upstairs for! 🙂

  2. Oh Karen, kindred spirits again. I love Agatha Christie, read all her books at least twice. NOTHING suits a cuppa tea and toast and honey more than reading a Agatha Christie!!! In fact, I just planned the book club meetings I organize for the rest of the year and the last one in December…a Tea Party and we are reading ‘ Murder for Christmas’! Have a great Weekend, Johanna
    ps love the earrings too.

  3. You cannot beat a good Miss Marple. Joan Hickson is my favourite! As for honey, I adore it, especially the cappings……..devine and so good for you. Those bees are incredibly clever. I didn’t know about the museum. A visit sounds like a very good idea followed by afternoon tea! Xxx

  4. What a fun post! I can just picture you, in tears, but trying to be brave about the bee sting! I’m glad you aren’t dealing with any actual murder aforethought–better just to read about that, in a nice, civilized, Agatha Christie way!

    • I listen to a lot of Agatha tapes. There is a great deal of comfort to be gained from listening to the spoken word. But yes, even murder is civiilised in Agatha Christie’s stories

  5. I can just see that scene of you at the doctors! Imagine what people would say today if the doctors wife handed them a piece of jellied toast!! I grew up where it would’ve been appropriate for my doctor to do that, my kids don’t get that special treatment unfortunately.

      • They haven’t unfortunately. The more we advance in medical knowledge the less personalized the doctors visits seem. That’s one if the reasons why I prefer non conventional medicine, there is more focus on the individuality of each “patient”.

  6. Lovely post Karen. I do so love watching a nostalgic episode of Miss Marple (Joan Hickson a favourite) with the lovely settings and vintage clothes and props and perfect summer gardens.

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