Tapestry Wool Time Travel……

Slipping through the soft, handcrafted, embroidered and knitted threads of my family background and through the memories of all the tablecloths, blankets and clothing which the women in my family have made; I tumble into the soft, comfortable, Cottage Garden which my Grandma, Dora, made on the right hand side of this picture. As a child, each colour she chose, each French knot she made, added a new layer of delight for me. I could almost touch and smell the Roses and the Lilac. This was not just a picture- it was a whole world to me.

I now hold in my hands some of the wool which she used to make this picture. And tomorrow, I will be taking them to a class at Cowslip Workshops where my dear friend, the amazingly talented Sarah Perry, is teaching a group of students and myself how to crochet.

I am so excited about my day, for there is a safety and contentment in being with others who love to make things with their hands. And there will be laughter and sharing and cups of tea and the huge satisfaction of knowing that I will not be travelling alone- for I know that the echo of all the ladies in my own family who have ever taken up wool or thread throughout the generations will be there too.

So to my late Great Grand Mother Lydia, Grandma Dora and her sisters Elsie and Edie- who could all sew, knit and crochet- Thank you for creating the strands which hold us together across time.

My Grandma signed her picture on the back and wanted me to have it when she died.




23 thoughts on “Tapestry Wool Time Travel……

    • Thank you Corinne. These things really are so precious, aren’t they? My Grandma’s picture is one of my greatest treasures. I might not be able to say that about my crochet work though…I hope Sarah is very patient. 🙂

  1. As always Karen, your words are so beautiful. It is so wonderful for us to have things handed down from our beloved relatives. I love looking through bits that I have and burying my face in them to take me back to favourite childhood memories. Have a wonderful day with Sarah. Wish I was with you. Xxxxx

    • Thank you so much Annette. I am so glad that my post brought back some lovely memories for you too. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Have a lovely day yourself, too. x x

  2. What a beautiful piece of handicraft, dear Karen. This was really made with a lot of talent, thoughts, fantasy and love. It’s really beautiful, and it’s wonderful that you really do cherish this wonderful piece so many years. I’m pretty sure that it will be lots of fun learning to crochet with other women. I’m really sad I can’t join you. Hope you are fine and had a lovely day, kind regards Mitza

    • Oh, dear Mitza! Wouldn’t that be wonderful if you could come!
      I have been thinking about a recent post of yours where the photos were of flowers and were very soft focus. I did not have time to comment but they have been in my thoughts all this time. I feel that I sometimes really struggle to get a good balance of stuff which is in focus and some which is not- basically to evoke a feeling, or a mood. I loved your shots and I think I am going to go a little softer because I liked the effect of your photos so much.
      Karen x

      • That’s really nice to hear, dear Karen. Getting older really means avoiding unpleasant things and people because our time is limited and should be used only for positive things that make us happy and content. But I hope you still have some seconds for me. Regarding my photos: I just took a looking glass in front of my camera with 2 close-up lenses. The focus is only maybe a cm. You need to have a calm hand doing this, but I like it a lot. Mitza xxx

  3. What a wonderful way to honor such amazing ladies in your life! Love it, Karen! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see what you will be able to make. Have a lovely weekend! Lots of hugs x

      • They would add “texture” !! Had such a lucky find today at the dump……….a beautiful vintage suitcase which belonged to someone’s 99year old grandfather who had served in the First World War……………I feel so privileged to have “rescued” it from the skip and continue it’s journey 🙂 x

      • Oh how fabulous Vanessa. You with be such a careful caretaker of such a special item with its very own story and history. You were so lucky to find each other. x

  4. Yesterday was Mothers’ Day in the US and this was a perfect post to read to get me thinking about the women who shaped me! Your grandmother’s piece is exquisite and I think she’d be very thrilled to know that you treasure it AND that it’s inspiring you to make something with her wool and your hands. I’ll look forward to hearing how the crocheting progresses!

    • I loved your Harriet post and liked the connection between that and my Grandma’s picture, where, of course we knew the provenance. I wish I could keep up with everyone’s posts, as they are all so lovely and worthy of comment. Please know how I like yours, even if I do not comment.
      I managed to make one little flower in my class! But I loved doing it!

      • Thanks for letting me know you liked the post–it really is a major time commitment to keep up with everything here in blogland!

  5. What a lovely keepsake and memory of not only your grandmother but the women in your family. Such a beautiful piece of hand-made history! Have fun tomorrow at your class – am looking forward to hearing all about it!

    • Thanks Joanne. I made a flower, just ONE FLOWER! Ha ha….. I am going to do lots more, well, that is my intention. I will try and take a photo which shows my little flower to its very best advantage. Have a lovely day!

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