Sweet, Sweet Peas on Fabulous; it’s Friday!

Ruffled, sweet scented and as scrumptious as a raspberry ripple ice- cream, these beautiful blooms were a gift from the fabulous Vanessa Collins who grows seasonal flowers at a former flour Mill in Cornwall. www.theflowermillcornwall.co.uk  is the ONLY place to buy real and edible flowers; old-fashioned favourites, often scented, that you just can not buy in ordinary florists. They are all grown with love without the use of chemicals or pesticides…and the bees love them too!





24 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Peas on Fabulous; it’s Friday!

  1. Unimaginable! Phenomenal! Beyond words gorgeous and delightful!!! You make such fabulous discoveries to share. I wish I lived in your neck of the woods so I could bless others with these wonderful gift ideas, especially edible flower bouquets. Where would I order seeds to plant these fabulous seeds in my garden?

    • I am so glad you like them Jan! I have done a little research and found a post on a blog all about growing swwet peas and where to get seed which was really informative.
      It seems that this blogger orders his seed from the UK- a place called Owls Acre Sweet Peas. There is a direct link from his page to the Owls Acre site. You would be wanting the Spencer type of sweet pea- a fancy type or Bi-colour.
      I don’t know what the cost would be of getting them through customs….might be worth it though for the happiness it would bring.

    • Thanks so much Honey.
      I am going to have an hour or two in the garden. It has long gone a little wild. Why don’t we learn to love it that way? What do you think?

      • I agree that we are our hardest critics when it comes to our gardens. We set the standards. Hubby has been out in the garden everyday this week. Harvesting is usually my domain. I enjoy that part. I find it relaxing to do in the morning after I had my morning walk with the dogs. He usually helps me in the kitchen with pickling, cutting… We usually have it well organized. We have fun doing the work together. This year He has had to do that because I have been ill.
        Our broccoli and cabbage were under seige by cattilpillars. He harvested all that he could. He pulled it, harvested what he could and discarded the rest. Next year we will plant them under clotches. That is the only way we will get a good harvest.

        He has been picking vegetables like a mad man. I have helped with shucking peas, boiling vegetables for freezing… as much as I can. Our freezer is over flowing. We have been giving away a lot. I have not been worried about my flower beds this last month. I just don’t have the energy to spare. I think that I had to let it go because my health trumps the garden this year. There will always be next year.
        We are going to pickle cucumbers this weekend.

  2. one of my wifes favourite scented flowers.. She’ll pick these just to leave them inside to wake up to the scent the following morn…. I hope your well Karen

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