Call me Dr Dolittle…..

Diminutive, hardworking and the only person I meet on my morning walk whose Chihuahua rides on the back of a horse; Christine is totally devoted to her horse and dogs. So enchanted was I by the bond between this lovely lady and her band of animals and the sparkiness and ease with which her tiny dog would ride, bare-back across the moorland, that I recklessly offered to take some photographs.

Now I have a still-life approach to photography and flowers and vegetables are, on the whole, fairly sedentary. But on the morning we arrange to meet up for our little photo-shoot, Dippy, the horse thought he heard the hounds (hunting for foxes) and immediately became spooked. Because Dippy was upset, Mutley, the Chihuahua did not feel safe and Nirvana the puppy wondered what on earth was going on and looked as though she wanted to go home to her basket! The two Lurchers circled around our feet as Dippy reversed and threatened to jettison any number of small dogs into the air or, worst of all, onto the ground. How could this possibly be a good idea? And surely the photos would be disastrously bad?

But Christine and I talked, soothed and cajoled in each language, Chihuahua, horse and puppy. Christine, for all her small stature, behaved in proper leader of the pack style and did a fair bit of shouting as well. And it seemed to work; because once I printed the photos on some glossy photographic paper they looked ok.

But the real joy, for me, came later when I gave them to Christine, for she LOVED  these little mementos of her love for her cherished animal family. I don’t think I have ever done anything before which has ever made someone so happy. And I get such a wonderful feeling inside every time I think of it.

Would you like to take a look?






30 thoughts on “Call me Dr Dolittle…..

    • Thank you so much Melody. It was so nice to be able to make her so happy! I do hope that your knee is improving. I know how frustrating it can be when you can not get around under your own steam x x

  1. really wonderful photos, dear Karen, really enjoyed all these beautiful animals, one is cuter than the other. I can imagine how happy this lady was. Have a sunny day, kind regards Mitza

  2. This sounds like a much livelier photo shoot than the ones with the well-behaved flowers and veg! But, really, the photos have an appeal that inanimate objects never can–the faces, oh, the faces.

  3. This horse reminds me so much of my childhood I had a 15:3 7/8 Arab – yes he was lively! He was similar colouring to the horse you’re riding. I stopped riding in my 20’s and not sure If I’d have the courage to start it up again. 😉
    The dogs look cute and cuddly and very photogenic.
    You’ve inspired me to take off for a walk tomorrow after work. I should have gone this evening after my eventful day. It’s far too dark for me walk before work, as much as I’d love to.

    • I have never been on a horse and the lady on Dipper, the horse in the photos, is someone I met on my walk. How lovely that seeing Dipper brought back some happy memories for you. 😀
      I love walking early,I find it so exhilarating. And also I have the walk to myself. I live in a village and if I go later it takes hours to complete because we all chat too much! X

      • Sorry yes you did say that in your blog – I guess the mind is getting bleary this evening. I’m very aware of village life – lived most of my life in villages. In fact I spent 5 years on the edge of a small rural town and that was worse for gossiping. 😉 A few years ago I used to be on a village hall committee now that was quite entertaining!
        Still finding my feet in this village and I think it’ll take a while but we’ll see. x

      • I have lived here for 37 years. When I had lived her for 25, an old villager said…”What would you know, you have only lived her for 25 years”………….sigh x

  4. Wonderful pictures, so sharp yet full of the feeling between owner and animals. Great work – I bet it was like Christmas come a month early for the lady. And like Kitty you have inspired me to get out walking into the country more than I have done recently. I just seem to walk to work or home these days! Hoping you are well, best wishes this holiday season.

  5. So good to hear from you Kevin, I do hope you are well. Yes, Christine and I have become friends, which is lovely. It is so easy for me to walk because I live deep in the country. It is not always so easy when you live in a town. Although I read that hiking in the city is quite fashionable.
    I hope work is good, that you feel it is the right place for you. Sometimes, it takes many years for us to find our place in this world and to make sense of it all. We are all still working it all out 🙂

  6. Brilliant to hear you and Christine are now friends. I live on the edge of the Peaks so do wander out there (not as much as I used to!), as do my family, but it seems far fewer people want to engage with you when you pass them these days. My dad is very used to passing the time of day with strangers when walking the dog, but it just isn’t the done thing anymore apparently. You still get the odd friendly individual fortunately! I’ve never hiked in a city (images of pacing up and down escalators in boots), I feel an urge to research what it’s all about!
    Work is going very well thank you, I got a higher position in the department early in the year and have settled in nicely I think. Have you decorated for Christmas beautifully? I can imagine you have, you have a wonderful eye for detail!

    • Please forgive me for not responding earlier Kevin. A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
      A series of set backs have seen me unable to keep up by blog as intended, but I am trying to get back into rhythm now.
      I totally agree with your observation that people do not wish to pass the time of day, or even smile at strangers anymore. But I still do! I am in total agreement with your Dad, the world has changed and not for the better in that respect.
      Anyway…the big news is that I have bought a Kitchen Aid mixer like yours! I bought it in the sale with some Christmas money I had and I LOVE IT! Mine is peppermint…..isn’t that the colour you had?

      • No problem at all – Happy New Year to you and your closest too. I’m still trying to get used to writing 2016 on things, not sure where 2015 went if I’m honest!
        I hope this new year brings you more positivity and stability, and I definitely am looking forward to seeing you post more articles. Fingers crossed one of those will involve your new KitchenAid, congratulations on your purchase =)
        It’s funny as I only just the other day re-posted my review of mine, to go up on my new blog. Mine is pistachio – I haven’t seen the peppermint, I imagine they’re similar. I think green is very “in” at the moment too (I’m certainly loving it).

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