My little Halloween Party…

The meadow and moors beyond the Cottage Garden are damp and hazy with mist, as the Blackbirds swoop down to peck at fallen apples amongst the piles of rustling autumn leaves. A sudden blustery wind swirls around the house, making the cockerel weather-vane spin, and tugs at the branches of the oak tree, helping it to graciously let go of another flurry of dried, papery leaves. Something about this makes me feel excited and I stand underneath the tree feeling the leaves brush past my face as they fall. The tree is shaking off the old, helping us to prepare for a new season.

It is the time for collecting conkers, for building bonfires and lighting fireworks and firstly, for Halloween. I love styling the house for seasonal events and last weekend I wanted it to feel magical here because I had some really special guests coming around.

Creating décor and working to suit a theme for me is like giving candy to a baby! I had such fun! Then when the guests arrived, we drank Black Velvet cocktails, played old 78’s on my wind-up gramophone and later dined under the toile-like skull lanterns. And my friends loved it!

I so wish that you could have been there. Why not open the door and have a peep inside?

Halloween Supper Menu

An appetiser of Pumpkin soup with Pumpkin oil


An individual tart of caramelised Onions

 with Thyme, Olives and Anchovies


Chicken with Charlotte potatoes,

 Prunes and Pomegranate molasses


Bread and Butter pudding

The fabulous paper table mats were purchased from a shop called ‘Prey’ in Milsom Place in Bath. The mats come in the form of a  tear-off pad and there is a space to write your guests names on them.

And this is no ordinary design. Just take a closer look at the modern twist they have incorporated in their totally original Toile!

Josef the cat is not just for Halloween but is loved and cherished all year round and he only sat on the table when the meal was over (naughty Josef). “No live pumpkins were harmed in the making of this room setting”, although I did use one in the soup 🙂

22 thoughts on “My little Halloween Party…

  1. You are an excellent writer. Your description of the fall weather outside your home set the visiual picture in my mind so vividly. Your house looks wonderful! I like your unique Halloween decorations.Your menu sounds scrumptious. I wished that I could have dropped in for the festivities. Josef looked hansome in his tux as usual.

    • The spooky photo was a mistake, but I was quite pleased with it! Josef is my last remaining kitty. He was devastated when his brother died and has changed totally as a result. He has created a whole new language of sounds to talk to me. It is as if the loss of closeness with his brother can not be suffered and I have to maintain constant closeness with him. He has a bad heart and everything I do for him is such a privilege.

  2. Hi Karen So enjoying your baby veg posts. You are a truly creative woman every thing you do is inspiring. Hope life is going well. Love Mx

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  3. Hi Karen, what a wonderful cozy post. I can really see how much you enjoy decorating, how much taste you have and how much love for this work. Your food sounded excellent like in a first class restaurant. Your friends must be lucky to have you as a friend. I wish I could have joined you. I was a bit sad that Josef didn’t have a funny Halloween costume, hehe. But nevertheless, give him his usual little kiss from me, dear Karen have a wonderful week, kind regards Mitza

    • Dear Mitza, I give a kiss to Josef from you every night! He considers you a friend, as do I.I will have to work on an idea for a little detail which Josef could have on his collar for special celebrations! Thank you for liking my decorations, I always hope that they will help to create a mood and atmosphere which will everything a little less ordinary. I like to push myself too, to make everything perfect…but this is the road to madness or exhaustion! And I am tired this week. 😦
      Still, it was so lovely and I have left the decorations up because I love them so much. It is raining here and I did my big walk this morning and got soaked. Now it is time to cuddle Josef who is dizzy with kisses! 🙂 Have a good week too. Karen x

      • Sometimes perfection leads to exhaustion, that’s right. So you must be very tired, dear Karen. Your little house looks wonderful only from the little details you show. It is exactly my taste. Maybe you can sew a little cape for Josef in red and white so that he looks like a ladybug, hehe. Thanks for your friendship which is very much appreciated. Best wishes, kind regards Mitza

    • There is something so special about the music which is played on it. It is so evocative and nostalgic, yet joyful at the same time. We had a lovely time that day x

  4. I should think that an invite to your home would be most coveted. Creativity oozes into wordpress pages. Lovely pictures. El black cat is looking on contentedly. I bet he lounged on a lap or two and dined on a few succulent scraps. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Gretchen. You can come anytime! I think creative people can only really be understood by others who also make, paint or create. Josef spent a lot of time trying to sit between two people who really dislike cats. I wonder why they do that?

  5. It sounds like such a special evening. And that opening paragraph of yours brought me right there, to the places and items you described. I try to style my house, but as you know, I am missing that gene.

  6. This dear Karen, your Halloween night, looks as if it was a total hoot. There’s a good chance I’ll be lurking around the windows next year “just in case” there’s another gathering. Plus place-mats in rip-off pad form – how fabulous – I can only dream of a such a thing! (Today I discovered you aren’t having a hiatus from blogging – for some reason my subscription to your blog was no more. 😖 Goodness knows what happened there. Thankfully this is now rectified and I’m slowly catching up on your life one more… phew!)

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