Pondlife and other stories

” Very soon after, there are Frogs everywhere. Big ones, patterned ones, tiny ones, all popping their heads out of the water whilst the Newts do little back- flips up and down and in and out of the muddy water”

I have help in the garden today; an old fashioned Devonian gardener who has offered a days labour in exchange for lunch. He hacks down huge and high overgrown hedges as if cutting Chives for a salad and then turns and breaks up all the heavy soil in the Meadow Garden as if sifting flour for a sponge cake! I trundle up and down the field with my favourite wheelbarrow; happy to see such heavy work being done with such ease, I kick over the mole hills with my wellington boots and watch a charm of Goldfinches flitter and dazzle amongst the buds of the Cherry tree.

With so much work getting done in one day, I wonder, could we take a look at the pond? Neglected and overgrown, choked with grass and garden weeds, I could not imagine that anything would survive there. I had seen Frogspawn in the past, but then I had seen it all die. With hands as big as spades, the gardener scoops out grass turf, soil and stones from the pond and within moments has a Newt in his hand. Very soon after, there are Frogs, everywhere. Big ones, patterned ones, tiny ones, all popping their heads out of the water whilst the Newts do little back- flips up and down and in and out of the muddy water. And I sit in the sunshine, my heart bursting with happiness at the discovery of this whole new water world in my garden. I feel so grateful that these special creatures all came to my pond!

I drift off to sleep at the end of a perfect day, enchanted by the sudden increase in my wildlife family and full of wonder at the nocturnal adventures of these magical, mysterious, transformational creatures as they slip out of my pond into a dark, damp night to explore.

15 thoughts on “Pondlife and other stories

  1. Amazing. Frogs AND Newts!! Wow. And such a beautiful post. New Life; New Beginnings. The world seems a better, happier place now.

    • Thank you Allen. The trouble is that I now am losing much of my time sitting at the pond ! I am so concerned that we causes so much disturbance. I so don’t want the Frogs to leave 😦

  2. This is so beautifully written, Karen–wonderful descriptions that bring the images to life! Your garden sounds like a magical place–I wouldn’t worry about the frogs leaving–I’m sure they know how lucky they are!

  3. Isn’t all that wildlife at your doorstep beautiful!! I cannot wait to see more photo of your garden being brought back to life. That was a very good deal, a lunch for garden work. Than again, your cooking is tremendous. Happy to hear yuo were in good place and enjoying yourself and than feel a sleep in swwet dreams. xo Johanna
    ps do not be worried those frogs will leave…now they have the Spring love bug, they are too busy noticing you. But clearing out that pond makes them stay!

    • I do hope that I have not upset them too much. But you are right, it had to be cleared out. But apparently I have to do more clearing and planting to keep the pond healthy. I am very inexperienced, but hope to improve. I never thought such a wonderful thing could happen. Finding all those special creatures was just amazing. x

      • That is why you should not worry, it is still early in the season and all wild life will benefit greatly from it. If you know someone with a healthy settled pond, ask if you can scoop a big bucket of water out of it, add that to your pond and you bring healthy nutritions and other goodies to your pond that will multiply by itself.

  4. beautifully written:-) We love our spaces + at times when they seem overwhelming it is so nice to get some help. To have a pond- magical:-) Happy Spring!

    • Thank you Robbie, I hope that you are settling into gardening again. I often wonder how you are getting along. Here’s to a Frog and Newt filled Spring! With lots of flowers and vegetables to follow. x

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