My Love Affair; with a Table and Keats!

Strong, sturdy and romantically inclined, this table tugged at my heart-strings on first sight. Made from green oak and carved with lines from my favourite poem, The Eve of St Agnes’ by Keats and made by Marnie Moyle, it is one of my most prized possessions.

Standing out in all weathers, twisting and shrinking with time it ages naturally and with great grace. It’s perfectly carved edges are hand hewn with lines from one of the stanzas of the poem which focuses on the superstition that by the performance of certain rites on St Agnes’ Eve (January 20th) a girl might obtain a vision of her future husband. The poem is a series of pictures “glowing and gorgeous” as Leigh Hunt said “with the colours of romance.”

And still she slept an azure-lidded sleep,

In blanched linen, smooth and lavender’d

While he from forth the closet brought a heap

Of candied apple, quince, and plum, and gourd;

With jellies soother than the creamy curd,

And lucent syrops, tinct with cinnamon;

Manna and dates, in argosy transferr’d

From Fez; and spiced dainties, every one’

From silken Samaracan to cedar’d Lebanon.

Can you see now how easy it was for me to fall in love?




13 thoughts on “My Love Affair; with a Table and Keats!

  1. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
    Its loveliness increases; it will never
    Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
    A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
    Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

  2. A thing of beauty you are right to be in love with it.I think you told me the story about how table came into your life, so I’m glad to see the love affair has continued ! M x

    • Thank you Melody. It has been lovely to be able to use the table in the fabulous weather we have had.
      It is such a shame that it is now raining- although the garden really needs it.
      K x

  3. I reallly like the photos.They are always tastefully done. I teallly like your table. I too have been looking for used garden furniture. I have not found one i like for the price I am looking for as of yet. I agree that the angle of chairs and the look of the table has to be right. I will find the right one for us eventually. I just have to be patient. Our plastic table and chairs will have to do for now.

  4. Thank you Honey. I have had the table for some years now and it is a nice one. But I have others which I bought at yard sales and painted them up. Honestly, with love and heart and soul poured into growing and cooking, it does not mater what the table and chairs are like.
    I think finding the time to sit at all is the problem!!
    I can never get on top of the garden!

  5. I would have fallen in love with it too! You have excellent taste and such an eye for composition and colour. When I grow up….

    I wrote a blog about Keats, the man and the poet, months ago and decided to hold it till Autumn (his Ode to Autumn speaks to me). Thanks for his poetic words and your poetic pictures. Always a pleasure.

    • Thank you Cynthia, I really appreciate your comments.
      I can’t wait for Autumn then and your post about Keats. I love that poem too and the way the words almost tumble over themselves as he tries to capture the abundance which Mother Nature provides at that time of year.

  6. What a table! I’ve never seen anything like it and now I want one–I’d probably choose Yeat’s Lake Isle of Innisfree for the edge of mine, though. I can see why the Keats speaks to you–the romance but also the nuanced description of the fruits and treats–interesting that the vision of the perfect man is entirely cast into images of food.

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